Abe Fettig

Updated at: May 4, 2008, 11:07 a.m.

Abe Fettig is a software developer, which means he designs and builds software. Abe specializes in making it easier and more fun to communicate and share information over the Internet. He's been writing web and Internet appications since 1998.

Abe is currently employed as a software engineer for JotSpot, helping develop the world's first (and best) application Wiki. He also maintains the Hep and Yarn open source projects, which make it easier to transfer and manage messages between blogs, email, and RSS using the Twisted networking framework. Abe's book Twisted Network Programming Essentials was published in 2005.

Abe lives in southern Maine with his wife, Hannah. He works mostly out of his home office but periodically visits the San Francisco Bay area.

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