Ami Chayun

Updated at: March 22, 2022, 8:01 a.m.

Ami Chayun is a chief programmer at Beyond Security Other than satisfying his real craving for code, he contributes articles and security newsletters to, the independent security portal Ami has written hundreds of articles covering various technical developments related to security Ami also occasionally speaks at industry conferences Since a good programmer is a lazy programmer, Ami is in constant search for automatic ways to the hard work for him During his work in Beyond Security, he has developed an automated vulnerability scanner, but he claims his next invention will be an underwater DVD player so that he can finally watch his favorite anime while Scuba diving Ami started his academic computer studies at age 15, when he was bored in high school and searching for the real meaning of life He should be finishing his studies “any day now,” but impartial observers claim that he’ll be saying that to his grandchildren.

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