Anita C. Simonton

Updated at: March 20, 2011, 11:24 p.m.

Dr. Anita Simonton died recently off the coast of Venezuela aboard her beloved catamaran, White Tiger.

Prior to her retirement, she served as CEO for a small company facing a critical point in its development. In that position she guided the company through the visioning process, developed a strong management team, implemented management systems, and ensured that the organization was poised to meet its customer's expectations as well as its legal and governmental responsibilities. She also assumed responsibility for marketing, human resources, and facility completion. From that assignment has come the stories and lessons in her book.

Anita has served as Executive Director for two start-up operations in South Caroline. Prior to these positions she served as organizational effectiveness consultant for a number of Fortune 200 companies, including James River Corporation, General Motors Truck & Bus Group, Mead Corporation, and Ashland Oil, Inc.

She was a certified engineer and a certified lead assessor for ISO and QS 9000. Her doctorate is in the field of psychology. She has studied accounting and has extensive training in all aspects of quality and in many management philosophies, especially that of W. Edwards Deming who was her teacher, mentor, and friend. She also assisted in his famous Four Day Seminars.

Anita will be missed by her many friends and colleagues and by her professional colleagues.

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