Anthony B. Nelson

Updated at: Feb. 10, 2011, 3:48 p.m.

Anthony B. Nelson is a management consultant specializing in information security and business automation. A regular contributor to the IT security industry, Mr. Nelson has 26 years of experience in the field, including regular speaking engagements at international conferences on information security and auditing issues. He has worked with a wide range of applications, from business and government accounting to technical applications such as Electronic and Mechanical Computer Assisted Drafting. He has worked on a variety of standard and proprietary platforms, including Unix, Microsoft Windows NT, PC DOS, Windows, and various networks.

Mr. Nelson has been involved in the security architecture design for a major West Coast utility. In addition, he designed their information security policy and developed their security implementation. The environment is an integrated network running Banyan Vines, TCP/IP, DecNet, Appletalk, and SNA. Other security projects have included disaster recovery projects, internetwork file transfer security, and reviews of security for, and intrusion testing of, Internet firewalls.

Recently, Mr. Nelson has been involved with corporate internal audit departments investigating IT-related problems. These have involved intrusion tracing to determine the source of system crashes, file damage, as well as fraud investigations in which the computer was the main point of attack. He has been involved in intrusion testing of client/server applications to determine the security holes that must be protected. Where companies have been involved in remote communication, he has reviewed remote dial up security, and looked into single-point of sign on solutions. Finally, he recently reviewed SCADA application security for master stations connected to the corporate LAN/WAN.

Mr. Nelson also has software project management experience. Project supervision has ranged from the initial systems analysis to programming, debugging, implementation, training, and after sales support for the applications. Direct participation in each of the phases has resulted in a firm understanding of the problems and pitfalls throughout the entire development cycle. In these projects, Mr. Nelson has been involved with implementing security at the computer hardware level, the operating systems level, and at the applications level.

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