Avinash Dixit

Updated at: Feb. 13, 2011, 3:51 a.m.

Avinash Dixit is currently the John J. Sherred Professor of Economics at Princeton University.

Avinash Dixit was born in Bombay in 1944, studied mathematics and physics there and in Cambridge/England before he did his PhD in Economics in 1968 with Robert Solow at the MIT. He taught at Oxford University and Warwick and has been professor of economics since 1981. He did research in various fields of economics: theory of economic growth, public finance, international economics, industrial organisation, theory of investments and game theory. More than 60 articles, published in the leading journals, attained a great importance in these fields. Among his six books, Theory of International Trade (with V. Norman) may be considered most infleuntial.

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