Bob Tricker

Updated at: May 21, 2007, 1:55 a.m.

Bob Tricker wrote Corporate Governance, the first book to use that title, in 1984. Bob was director of the Oxford Centre for Management Studies (now Templeton College) throughout the 1970s and formed the Corporate Policy Group at Nuffield College, Oxford, to research the work of directors and boards.

After studying at Harvard Business School and Oxford University, Bob was the first Professor of Management Information Systems at Warwick University. He holds a doctorate for his work on information strategy and also qualified in the UK as a chartered accountant and chartered management accountant; he has served on the councils of both bodies.

Bob is the founder editor of Corporate Governance — an international review and has also written The Independent Director, Harnessing Information Power and co-edited The Director's Manual. For the past decade he has been a professor at the University of Hong Kong's School of Business and director of the International Corporate Policy Group, which links professional directors and scholars around the world. He has served on many boards and governing bodies and consults and lectures around the world on corporate governance, corporate strategy and board level effectiveness.

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