Kevin Friedly

Updated at: May 3, 2008, 12:42 p.m.

Kevin Friedly’s varied professional life has included stints as a high school/grade school guest lecturer in physics, calculus and advanced English. He has also taught basic computer skills at the college level, as well as stints as a high school guest lecturer in physics, calculus, and advanced English. For more than ten years, Kevin worked as a technical writer for a medical imaging company, Microsonics, and for computer-graphics innovator, Truevision (creator of the TARGA products). He also spent several years as a technical ad writer for ITT and Howard Sams publishing.

Kevin earned a Bachelor of Science degree in physics from Purdue University. His interest in science began in grade school when he was a lecturer in the education department of the Indianapolis Zoo. He has been tinkering with technology since high school, when he successfully obtained a Kirlian image of the "phantom leaf effect." More recent science investigations have included acupunture, Kirlian photography and electronic music.

Kevin’s current technical passion involves providing his clients with cost-effective web and e-commerce solutions. On the weekends, he breaks away from his computer keyboard to play guitar for the musical duo, Audio Diner.

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