Suresh Subbu

Updated at: June 9, 2022, 6:58 p.m.

Suresh Subbu is a Seasoned Technology Executive, with 20 years of leadership experience serving FGortune 500 institutions in Fintech, Retail, Mfg. & Utilities Verticals. His expertise extends to Global Technology Service Delivery, Program Management, Site Reliability Engineering, Automation, Cloud and Blockchain. He has experience in leading large-scale Digital Transformations, Product Development, and Cloud Engineering Development initiatives.

He co-founded TVMES in creating unique Training and Consulting platforms in Vendor Management & Governance (VMO), Software Asset Management (SAM), Blockchain & Cloud Consumption Management (FinOps) Space.

Suresh Subba served as a Customer Success Leader enabling client and business success for ISG's VMO SaaS platform — GovernX scaling across new markets.

He served as a Director for Global Technology Operations for "A Global Leader in Money Transfer and Payments", played a vital role in enabling Digital Transformation. Suresh has the experience of Negotiating , Mentoring, and Managed several IT service providers like TATA/TCS, HCL, CTS, Infosys & Mphasis for sourcing, hosting, consulting, infrastructure, security, development, and quality assurance services.

Suresh is a proud father of 2 and holds a Master's in Computer Applications & a Master's degree in Business Administration (HRM).

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