Switched the e-mail for buresund.se from Wopsa to Webfaction and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised on how easy it was to transfer approx. 4 000 e-mails.

Added a lot of headhunting stuff to the PloneBoard (missing categories inside categories) and realized that PloneBoard seems to use its own version of Kupu, which wrecks havoc with the pages. When I add stuff, it seems to be OK, but when I view it afterwards, it looks like sh*t! Tables are not respected and the CSS for lists seems to be ignored (I have to look into it later).

Anyway, now Wopsa have crashed the MySQL/Drupal database, whereby some pages are now mysteriously missing, but I'll try to find some old backup-ed versions to move into Plone. Also need a better logo, but it will have to wait.

We are now days off from abandoning Wopsa/Drupal and going live with Webfaction/Plone. Just need my main machine back from Service, then I'll convert my wife's site from osCommerce to Plone and we're ready to roll.

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