Why must the editors under Linux be so damned bad!!

After having kedit spending 20 minutes on a simple search-replace operation on a 2MB html-file and looked at kwrite and gedit spend approx. 3 minutes to load the same file and position myself at the end of the file and having either kate or kvim truncate the file to approx. 400K, I feel extremely frustrated.

Yes, I know I can use vi (I frequently do) or emacs (I used to program with emacs in the nineties, but it is not a friendly editor and the Gosling Emacs keybindings are still in my finger and the assholes decided to drop the gosling emulation lisp file, so...).

StarWriter is too big and wieldy and MS-Word does too many weird stuff with my files to be trusted.

People will probably suggest that I use bluefish or quanta (both of which used to crash while doing WYSIWYG, maybe they are better now), but I like to control the editing of my files 100%, so I just want a simple WYSIWYG/text editor with advanced search and search-replace functionality, supports cut-and-paste and that loads fast.

Sigh, the reason I am frustrated is that nedit wasn't included in my SuSE 9.2Pro distribution, so I have to get it again. Nedit fulfills my needs very well (extremely versatile editor), but it has two major disadvantages:

  1. Usually not included in distributions
  2. Using Motif and Motif-bindings (how something that uses Motif can be fast compared to KDE/GTK is beyond me, but it is a tribute to real hacking that it is).
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