why do I have to slave like ****to get data into Plone? I've spent the last 10 days rying to get my books/reviews/authors/publishers into my AT-created stuff (ArcheTypes are marvelous, as long as you don't need to batch data with references into them...)

And while I'm complaining, my new ISP (WebFaction) is probably getting tired of me as well, as my Zope/Plone process tends to swell to 200+ MB (and they already allow me 160MB, which I try to share with a Django-application). Well, the FastCGI they use doesn't work very well with Zope, so maybe they will stand me a while longer. 

And I have constant guilty conscience. I promised my cousin Wenche that I would mail her this weekend (after having put it off for four weeks), then I got so busy with my own site, that I forgot. And now I have to handle another customer for the next two weeks, so she'll probably be even more upset (and who can blame her?). I'll try to add some photo's of our relatives on the site, and she'll hopefully forgive me :-)

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