For a service-company, like an un-named Outsourcing company, it is, in my opinion, paramount that the service-company and the customer stops treating each other as supplier-customer, and instead goes into partnership with each other. If the "customer" decides that the "supplier" must be challenged all the time and pressed for a better price, it makes the customer very unattractive and forces the supplier to abandon the customer (it may earn the customer a few dollars/euros in the short run, but will be detrimental in the long run).

On the other hand, if the "supplier" decides that the "customer" is only a cost and refuses to be flexible and only points to the contract, it will force the customer away (thereby making the supplier loose money).

From this, learn that the "customer is always right" is pure bullshit, as a supplier can't survive with such customers. And that the contract doesn't specify the relationship with the customer, but only defines the core around which it circles.

Unfortunately, if one part starts to exhibit such behavior, the other part will soon respond with the other, thereby going down a slippery slope fast.

No party can afford to squeeze the last dollar/euro from the other party, as it needs to be a partnership (with its ups and downs, as all partnerships) where profit-sharing has to be fairly equally divided (especially in todays marketplace, where switching costs goes down and new markets opens up all the time).

Just a thought, that has no relation to any current or former customers/employers... (as that would show intelligence, which is pretty rare).

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