What is really irritating as an old PM is the lack of PM that exists in many organisations. A lot of PL/PM is young people that has been promoted to it nearly directly after school and is still learning what to do, after having worked 5-10 years in the role. Not very successful at all times.

But the worst are the old programmers or IT people that bet on the wrong technology and now find themselves being titulated PM/PL, because they have to have a position. Unfortunately, these people are usually not incompetent, but they definetively are not PMs or PLs! The PM/PL role is a professional one, and not something you just get by being 40+ and having worked in IT for the last 20+ years.

But on the other hand I know a few really professional PM/PLs, which seldom are really appreciated, as they demand stuff not only from the direct reports but from their bosses and organisations. In other words, they are obnoxious and independent.

The funny thing is that when a semi-competent PL/PM crashes a project, it seldom gets pinned on them, as it always are someone else to blame.

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