A Million A Minute

Inside the World of Securities Trading — The Men, The Women, The Money that Make the Markets Work

Hillary Davis

Publisher: HarperCollins, 1998, 292 pages

ISBN: 0-88730-941-0

Keywords: Finance

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A Million A Minute is the inside sory of the wildly influential world of trading. In our interconnected global markets, traders have become the front-line, fre-market warriors closest to the money, closest to the action. Their reactions to world events can topple governments and cause currencies to rise or plummet. They affect the prices we pay for the food we eat, the gasoline we use, the gold in our jewelry, the steel in our cars, even our homes and our mortgages.

Hillary Davis, a former portfolio manager, shows us who these people are, what motivates them, and how they came to be so powerful. And of course she provides compelling insights into the work they do and how they do it.

Based in part on firsthand interviews with superstar traders as well as rising stars in New York and London, A Million a Minute gives readers a special opportunity to learn from the candid observations Leo Melamed, Michael Bloomberg, Muriel Siebert, Bob Mnuchin, David Shaw, Stanley Shopkorn, Eric Sheinberg, Bill Johnston, Gary Lapayover, and many others.

A Million A Minute also offers readers a context for understanding today's markets, with a fascinating account of the rise of trading, the evolution of the markets, and the challenges of today's complex, lighning-fast trading environment, as well as a provocative vision of a virtual-reality trading future.

Throughout this revelatory book, you will meet the criminals and the geniuses, the celebrity traders and the newbies, the women traders who "crashed the party," the visionaries, and the larger-than-life personalities. In all, you'll find an exciting portrait of a unique culture that profoundly affects our world.

  • Part I: The Big Picture
    1. Millions a Minute
    2. My Word Is My Bond
    3. Free-Market Warriors
    4. From Analog to Algorithm
    5. Big Cigars and Red Suspenders
  • Part II: Up Close
    1. Three Visionaries
    2. Crashing the Party
    3. Stateless Money
    4. Derivatives — The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
    5. The Rise of the Buy Side
    6. Black Sheep
  • Part III: Looking Forward
    1. Quants
    2. Mind, Money, and Machine
    3. Trading on the Future
    • Trade$peak: A Sometimes Irreverent Guide to Traders Terminology


A Million A Minute

Reviewed by Roland Buresund

OK ***** (5 out of 10)

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Tells you about working in the investment market.


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