A Passion for Excellence

The Leadership Difference

Nancy K. Austin, Tom Peters

Publisher: Warner / Grand Central Publishing / Hachette, 1986, 575 pages

ISBN: 0-446-38639-1

Keywords: Leadership, Management

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Cutting through traditional "data-based" dogmas about management, A Passion for Excellence champions the innovative, people-oriented spirit that made In Search of Excellence the bestselling business book of all time. Now, through hundreds of concrete, real-world examples, Tom Peters and Nancy Austin zero in on the key areas of competence that add up to excellence, offering scores of anecdotes and practical insights to help all businesspeople on their road to leadership, success, and most of all… excellence

    • Introduction
  • Part I: Common Sense
    1. A Blinding Flash of the Obvious
    2. MBWA: The Technology of the Obvious
    3. Integrity and the Technology if the Obvious
  • Part II: Customers
    1. Common Courtesy: The Ultimate Barrier to Competitor Entry
    2. No Such Thing as a Commodity
    3. "Mere Perception": On the Irreducible Humanness of Customers
    4. Quality Is Not a Technique
    5. The "Smell" of the Customer
  • Part III: Innovation
    1. The Mythology of Innovation, or Skunkworks Tale
    2. Three Skunks
    3. The Context of Innovation
    4. The "Smell" of Innovation
  • Part IV: People, People, People
    1. Bone-Deep Beliefs
    2. Ownership!
    3. ApplauseApplause
  • Part V: Leadership
    1. Attention, Symbols, Drama, Vision — and Love
    2. Transformations and Enhancements: Small Wins, Debureaucratizing and Pocket of Excellence
    3. Coaching
    4. Doing MBWA
    5. Excellence in School Leadership
    6. What Price Excellence?


    A Passion for Excellence

    Reviewed by Roland Buresund

    Mediocre **** (4 out of 10)

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    Introducing the concept of MBWA. Otherwise, just wordprocessor rage without content.


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