Alexander the Great's Art of Strategy

Lessons from the Great Empire Builder

Partha Bose

Publisher: Profile, 2003, 301 pages

ISBN: 1-86197-432-9

Keywords: Strategy, History, Leadership

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Alexander The Great (356–322 BC) was arguably the greatest military strategist, tactician and rules in world history. At the age of 20, he ascended to the throne of his father's kingdom. By the age of 23 he had defeated Persia, his nation's greatest enemy. And by the time of his death, aged 33, his armies had conquered virtually the entire known world, from the shores of the Mediterranean to the foothills of India, including the land of modern-day Iraq and Afghanistan.

Alexander's achievements have inspired and influenced a great number of past and current military, political and business leaders. This book provides the wisdom and secrets of this great empire builder, demonstrating how they can be applied to conquer today's challenges. Blending insights from his years of business experience with his lifelong study of Alexander, Partha Bose interweaves a gripping biography with compelling analyses of the strategies, tactics and leadership approaches of successful institutions — including Dell, GE, Honda, IKEA, the Harvard Law School, and the East India Company — and individuals, such as Elizabeth I, Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Bernard Montgomery, Gandhi, Jack Welch and Lou Gerstner. This is a provocative and invaluable book for leaders, and readers, in all fields, everywhere.

  1. In the Presence of Greatness
  2. The Dawn of Strategy
  3. The Men Who Could Be King
  4. Setting the Tone of His Reign
  5. Sacred Cows, Gilded Shields, and a Turk's-head Knot
  6. Seven Distinct Leadership Styles
  7. A Global Strategy to Unify the World
  8. "Teeth Versus Tail" — Logistics Strategy
  9. The Art of Deceptive Strategy
  10. Alexander's Death— and Legacy


Alexander the Great's Art of Strategy

Reviewed by Roland Buresund

Outstanding ********* (9 out of 10)

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This is really more of a book on leadership, than strategy. Even so, it is extremely enjoyable, especially if you like me is fascinated by history, strategy and leadership. The most important thing is that Mr. Bose really knows his subject, which makes it an excellent read. This is recommended, not for its insights, but because of its literary merits as well.


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