Applied Programming Techniques in C

Terry A. Ward

Publisher: Scott, Foresman and Co., 1985, 348 pages

ISBN: 0-673-18050-6

Keywords: Programming

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Speed up your C programming with these ready-to-use software tools and programming techniques.

After a brief overview of C language features and syntax, Applied Programming Techniques in C gives you

  • file and printer utility programs
  • a full screen editor
  • a text formatter for word processing
  • programs for text compression
  • a collection of sorting routines and programs
  • a telecommunications program
  • a program for the game Othello

As an added bonus, and extensive guide to C resources includes over 225 articles, C compilers, and a list of public domain software in C. Using BD Software C, this book also explains how to convert these programs to other C compilers and programming environments.

This convenient book gives you all the tools, techniques, and resources you need to increase your productivity when programming in C.

  1. Selecting a Programming Language
  2. C and BD Software in C
  3. File Tools
  4. Text Compression
  5. Text Editing I: General Overview and User Guide
  6. Text Editing II: Installation, Configuration, and Programming
  7. Text Formatting
  8. Microcomputer Telecommunications
  9. Sorting
  10. Othello: A Game Program
  1. C Sources
  2. Guide to Public Domain  C Software
  3. Notes on Converting BDs C
  4. General References


Applied Programming Techniques in C

Reviewed by Roland Buresund

Bad ** (2 out of 10)

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The word "contrived" describes this book best. You won't miss it.


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