AT&T Bell Laboratories Technical Journal

The UNIX System


Publisher: AT&T, 1984, 339 pages

ISBN: ISSN0005-8580

Keywords: Operating Systems

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Vol. 63 No.8 Part 2

Computing Science and Systems

  • Preface
    R. L. Martin
  • Foreword
    A. V. Aho
  • The Evolution of the UNIX Time-sharing System
    D. M. Ritchie
  • Program Design in the UNIX System Environment
    R. Pike and B. W. Kernighan
  • The Blit: A Multiplexed Graphics Terminal
    R. Pike
  • Debugging C programs With The Blit
    T. Cargill
  • UNIX Operating System Security
    F. T. Grampp and R R. H. Morris
  • File Security and the UNIX System Crypt Command
    J. A. Reeds and P. J. Weinberger
  • The Evolution of C — Past and Future
    L. Rosler
  • Data Abstraction in C
    B. Stroustrup
  • Multiprocessor UNIX Systems
    M. J. Bach and S. J. Buroff
  • A UNIX System Implementation for System/370
    W. A Felton, G. L. Miller, and J. M. Milner
  • UNIX Operating System Porting Experiences
    D. E. Bodenstab, T. F. Houghton, K. A. Kelleman, G. Ronkin, and E. P. Schan
  • The Evolution of UNIX System Performance
    J. Feder
  • Cheap Dynamic Instruction Counting
    P. J. Weinberger
  • Theory and Practice in the Construction  of a Working Sort Routine
    J. P. Linderman
  • The Fair Share Scheduler
    G. J. Henry
  • The Virtual Protocol Machine
    M. J. Fitton, C. J. Harkness, K. A. Kelleman, P. F. Long, and C. Mee III
  • A Network of Computers Running the UNIX System
    T. E. Fritz, J. E. Hefner, and T. M. Raleigh
  • A Stream Input-Output System
    D. M. Ritchie


AT&T Bell Laboratories Technical Journal

Reviewed by Roland Buresund

Outstanding ********* (9 out of 10)

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The legendary The UNIX System edition, from 1984. I'll always worship my original. Only for self-aware geeks!


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