Barbarians Led by Bill Gates

Microsoft from the Inside

Jennifer Edstrom, Marlin Eller

Publisher: Owl, 1998, 256 pages

ISBN: 0-8050-5755-2

Keywords: Biography

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The Controversial National Bestseller That Finally Blows the Whistle on Microsoft

In this fascinating insider's account, Jennifer Edstrom, daughter of Bill Gates's PR guru, and thirteen-year Microsoft veteran Martin Eller illuminate the real story of Gates's Microsoft, told not by the suits, the flacks, or the lawyers, but by the people who actually designed the software and wrote the code. From the epoch-making 1983 launch of Windows to the 1998 antitrust lawsuit that riveted the nation and helped determine the future of technology manufacturing and marketing, this memoir sets the record strraight on a number of hotly debated — and often hotly litigated — turning points in the short but colorful history of the Information Age. Edstrom and Eller's unrivaled access to key players — and their ability to get them to tell the real story — make for a rollicking roller-coaster ride of narrative journalism.

  1. The Road Ahead
  2. The Making of the Microsoft Marketing Machine
  3. Be Like the Mac
  4. Death March
  5. Anything for IBM
  6. The Clandestine Effort
  7. Bad Marriages End in Divorce
  8. Pen Ultimate Warfare
  9. Go-ing Down
  10. Meet the Jetsons
  11. High Road to Memphis — Low Road to MSN
  12. Dodging Bullets
  13. Windows 95 — Power in Numbers
  14. Continual Chaos


Barbarians Led by Bill Gates

Reviewed by Roland Buresund

Decent ****** (6 out of 10)

Last modified: May 21, 2007, 2:54 a.m.

Probably the first truthful book about Microsoft. Not idolising nor condeming. That neither of the authors can write, and have axes to grind (with mothers and old bosses), makes it a bit painful.


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