Beat the Odds in Forex Trading

How to Identify and Profit from High-Percentage Market Patterns

Igor R. Toshchakov

Publisher: Wiley, 2006, 216 pages

ISBN: 0-471-93331-7

Keywords: Finance

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Longtime Forex traders know they will never achieve certainty of profit. The best they can hope for is to trade uncertainty for a proven system and a reliable combination of recurring patterns.

Beat the Odds in Forex Trading shows you how to replace fickle predictive formulas with tangible market chart patterns to dramatically augment your Forex trading results. In this book, skilled currencies trader and trainer Igor Toshchakov (L. A. Igrok) details his Igrok Discrete-Systematic Method, the straightforward and accurate system that allows you to enter and exit the market according to clear-cut mechanical rules instead of vague hunches and emotional guesswork.

With the Igrok Method, you use measurable statistical signals to estimate the probability that a market will move in a given direction at a given moment. Beat the Odds in Forex Trading walks you step-by-step through this proven powerful method so you can:

  • Set aside fundamental considerations that underpin Forex fluctuations to focus on strategies to profit from those fluctuations
  • Eliminate the necessity of making market predictions by replacing them with a strict systematic approach in an otherwise discrete trading environment
  • Identify statistically significant trends and chart those trends to estimate directional probability of the next market movement
  • Detect signs of a false trend line break that, in reality, could be confirmation of an ongoing trend continuation
  • Choose currency pairs based primarily on their liquidity, activity, and average amplitude of fluctuations
  • Select money management principles based on situations, trade systems, and current market conditions
  • Understand, and profit from, the observed behavior of banks and other financial institutions that drive Forex price movements

Filled with in-depth insight and expert advice, Beat the Odds in Forex Trading details odds-enhancing trading strategies for entering and exiting the market using the Igrok Method; reviews strategies for recognizing and counteracting central bank interventions that can either destroy or greatly enhance a currency trading account; and provides templates for short-term and intraday trading.

Overthinking can harm even the most experienced trader. Beat the Odds in Forex Trading shows you instead how to read the currency markets and react — in ways shown over time to increase your odds of success. It replaces excessive formulas and theoretical calculations with proven methods and techniques, resulting in a trading guide that will greatly strengthen your trading approach, from both a philosophical and tactical point of view.

  • Part I: Recommendations to Novice Traders
    1. How to Get Started
    2. Establishing a Trading Account
    3. Choosing the right dealer
  • Part II: Developing a trading method
    1. Psychological Challenges of Speculative Trading
    2. Discretionary versus Mechanical Trading Systems
    3. Technical and Fundamental Analysis
  • Part III: The Igrok Method
    1. Philosophy of the Igrok Method
    2. Evaluating Probabilities Using Technical Analysis
    3. Basic Trading Strategies and Techniques
    4. Choosing a Currency Pair to Trade
    5. Money Management Rules and Techniques
    6. Market Behavior and Trader Discipline
  • Part IV: Short-Term and Intraday Trading Strategies Using the Igrok Method
    1. Principles of the Intraday Trading Plan
    2. Entering the Market
    3. Exiting the Market
    4. The Importance of Timing
    5. Trading Strategy During the Central Bank Intervention
  • Part V: Templates for Short-Term and Intraday Trading
    1. Average Daily Trading Range Templates
    2. Technical Formation Templates
    3. Trendlines, Support, and Resistance Templates
    4. A Sample Trade.