The Lightning-Fast Path to Building Massively Valuable Companues

Reid Hoffman, Chris Yeh

Publisher: HarperCollins, 2018, 325 pages

ISBN: 978-0-00-830363-1

Keywords: Entrepreneurship, Scaling

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The book the start-up world has been waiting for.

Every entrepreneur or founder aspires to build the next killer company like Facebook, Netflix or Airbnb. Yet those who actually manage to do so are rare. So what separates the start-ups that gets disrupted and disappear from the ones that go on to become global brands.

The secret is blitzscaling, a set of techniques for scaling ut at a dizzying pace that blows competitors out of the water. The objective of blitzscaling is not to go from zero to one but from one to one billion as quickly as possible.

Drawing on their experiences as entrepreneurs and investors who have helped scale numerous billion-dollar businesses, Hoffman and Yeh show how to navigate the necessary shifts and weather the unique challenges that arises at each stage of a company's life cycle.

    • Foreword by Bill Gates
  • Introduction
  • Part I: What Is Blitzscaling?
    • Software Is Eating (and Saving) the World
    • The Types of Scaling
    • The Three Basics of Blitzscaling
    • The Five Stages of Blitzscaling
    • The Three Key Techniques of Blitzscaling
  • Part II: Business Model Innovation
    • Designing to Maximize Growth: The Four Growth Factor
    • Designing to Maximize Growth: The Two Growth Limiters
    • Proven Business Model Patterns
    • The Underlying Principles of Business Model Innovation
    • Analyzing a Few Billion-Dollar Business Models
  • Part III: Strategy Innovation
    • When Should I Start to Blitzscale?
    • When Should I Stop Blitzscaling?
    • Can I Choose Not to Blitzscale?
    • Blitzscaling Is Iterative
    • How Blitzscaling Strategy Changes in Each Stage
    • How the Role of the Founder Changes in Each Stage
  • Part IV: Management Innovation
    • Eight Key Transitions
    • Nine Counterintuitive Rules of Blitzscaling
    • The Never-ending Need for Change
  • Part V: The Broader Landscape of Blitzscaling
    • Blitzscaling Beyond High Tech
    • Blitzscaling Within a Larger Organization
    • Blitzscaling Beyond Business
    • Blitzscaling in Greater Silicon Valley
    • Other Blitzscaling Regions to Watch
    • China: The Land of Blitzscaling
    • Defending Against Blitzscaling
  • Part VI: Responsible Blitzscaling
    • Blitzscaling in Society
    • Framework fior Responsible Blitzscaling
    • The Response Spectrum
    • Balancing Responsibility and Velocity as the Organization Grows
  • Conclusion
    • Appendix A: Disclosures
    • Appendix B: The Blitzscalers
    • Appendix C: CS183C Essays