Business for Foundation Degrees and Higher Awards

The Core Textbook for Foundation Degrees in Business

Rob Dransfield, Eddie Fox, Philip Guy, Dave Needham, Janice Wilde

Publisher: Heinemann, 2004, 761 pages

ISBN: 0-435-28533-5

Keywords: Management

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Written for students on Foundation Degree and Level 4/5 courses in Business, this book contains up-to-date coverage of core business topics in an accessible and work-based format. It is the ideal companion to help you get the most from your studies and work-based experience.

Business for Foundation Degrees and Higher Awards offers you:

  • In-depth content — written by authors who are experienced lecturers and subject specialists
  • Learning strategies section — to give you all the skills you need to tackle academic study with confidence
  • extracts from periodicals, journals and sources — to provide quotable material
  • case studies that reflect today's business environment — to broaden your studies and provide academic rigour
  • Workbox section — ideas for how to apply your knowledge in the workplace
  • essential professional development section — to help you succeed in your business career
  • reading suggestions — to help you go further

Suitable for:

  • Sector-endorsed Foundation Degree in Business
  • Edexcel Foundation Degree in Business
  • BTEC Higher National Certificate in Business
  • BTEC Higher National Diploma in Business
  • Unit 1: Learning Strategies
    • Chapter 1: Introduction to learning strategies
  • Unit 2: Professional Development
    • Chapter 1: Personal and career development
    • Chapter 2: Personal development and learning targets
    • Chapter 3: Interpersonal and transferable skills
    • Chapter 4: Self-managed learning in a professional context
  • Unit 3: Employability skills
    • Chapter 1: Responsibilities and performance
    • Chapter 2: The dynamics of working with others
    • Chapter 3: Solving problems
    • Chapter 4: Handling, processing and communicating information
  • Unit 4: Foundations of organisations and behaviour
    • Chapter 1: Organisational structure and culture
    • Chapter 2: Approaches to management and leadership
    • Chapter 3: Motivational theories
    • Chapter 4: Working with others: teamwork, groups and group dynamics
  • Unit 5: Foundations of the business environment
    • Chapter 1: Objectives and responsibilities of organisations
    • Chapter 2: Economic, social and global environment
    • Chapter 3: Behaviour of organisations in their market environment
    • Chapter 4: International trade and the European dimension
  • Unit 6: Foundations of finance and managing financial decisions
    • Chapter 1: Sources of finance
    • Chapter 2: Finance as a resource
    • Chapter 3: Financial performance
    • Chapter 4: Financial decisions
  • Unit 7: Foundations of business strategy
    • Chapter 1: Strategy formulation
    • Chapter 2: Strategic planning
    • Chapter 3: Strategy evaluation and selection
    • Chapter 4: Strategy implementation
  • Unit 8: Foundations of marketing
    • Chapter 1: Concept and process of marketing
    • Chapter 2: Segmentation, targeting and positioning
    • Chapter 3: Marketing mix
    • Chapter 4: Different marketing segments and contexts
  • Unit 9: Foundations of business decision making
    • Chapter 1: Sources for the collection of data
    • Chapter 2: Techniques to analyse data
    • Chapter 3: Producing information in appropriate formats
    • Chapter 4: Software-generated information
  • Unit 10: Carrying out a research project
    • Chapter 1: Research proposal
    • Chapter 2: Primary and secondary sources
    • Chapter 3: Research project
    • Chapter 4: Present and evaluate
  • Unit 11: Foundations of law
    • Chapter 1: Essential elements of a valid contract and its role in business
    • Chapter 2: Specific terms in a business contract
    • Chapter 3: The law of tort and business
    • Chapter 4: Elements of neglience


Business for Foundation Degrees and Higher Awards

Reviewed by Roland Buresund

OK ***** (5 out of 10)

Last modified: April 6, 2009, 2 p.m.

Well, what can I say, being a non-UK person, that has a dim view of what a "Foundation Degree" is (except it is below a Bachelor) and having no idea what it should encompass…

In my view, this book covers the basics about management, but fails to drill down enough for the reader to get a real feel for the subjects. As a teaser and a "foundation", it is OK, in my opinion.


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