The Ultimate Reference

Bloomsbury Business Database

Publisher: Bloomsbury, 2002, 2172 pages

ISBN: 0-7475-5978-3

Keywords: Management

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This ambitious work attempts to create a one-stop resource for the business world. First, by analyzing the various industries, the language of business, and the ideas of both pioneers and current leaders, it provides a guidebook to working in, managing, and building today's companies.

In addition, it includes an outstanding collection of 150 original essays written by business practitioners and leaders as well as academics like Philip Kotler, Mark Brown, and Laura Ries. Separate sections offering management checklists and actionlists lead readers through procedures for coaching, writing job descriptions, and starting a small business, as well as building a web site and creating product literature.

Readers will be inspired by both the management library and the biography section (featuring, for instance, Adam Smith and Estée Lauder), while the dictionary of some 5000 international terms and the world business almanac with its 24-industry sector surveys and profiles of 150 countries are valuable reference sources in their own right. The "Business Information Sources" section lists 3000 resources organized into 100 subject areas, including web sites, books, magazines, and organizations.

An introduction by Daniel Goleman completes the package. Any library or personal business collection will want a copy of this unique and reasonably priced reference.

  • Best Practice
    • People/Culture
    • Marketing
    • Strategy/Competition
    • Finance
    • IT/Information Management
    • Systems
    • Structure
    • Leadership
    • Renewal/Growth
    • Productivity
    • Personal Effectiveness
  • Management Checklists
    • People Management
    • Personal Effectiveness
    • HR/Training
    • Marketing
    • Manufacturing/Operations
    • Small Business
    • Business Planning
  • Actionlists
    • E-Commerce
    • Marketing
    • Personal Development
    • Accounting and Finance
  • Management Library
  • Business Thinkers
  • Management Giants
  • Dictionary
  • World Business Almanac
    • Country Profiles
  • Business Information Sources



Reviewed by Roland Buresund

Excellent ********** (10 out of 10)

Last modified: Oct. 30, 2009, 4:38 p.m.

You only need one book: this one. If you buy it, you'll understand why there is so many editors.

It is written on bible-thin paper, and may, rightfully, be called the bible of business.

You can't read this book, only use it as a reference and a source of ideas.

I am in awe…


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