Architects of the Corporation's Future

Cedric Read, Scott Kaufman

Publisher: Wiley, 1997, 300 pages

ISBN: 0-471-97599-0

Keywords: Finance

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All over the world, a new breed of chief financial officer is revolutionizing the traditional position occupied by the finance function in the corporation. Presiding over processes that cut across the business, today's best CFOs set strategy, lead crucial change initiatives and acts as real partners in decision-making with their chief executive officers.

CFO: Architects of the Corporation's Future explores emerging solutions used by Finance executives pressed to streamline their businesses for the global arena and maximize value creation. Based on research involving more than 300 CFOs, and featuring more than 30 case studies, this practical book shows how to step in and make a difference — designing and construcing vital links from strategy to operational reality.

The Price Waterhouse Financial & Cost Management Team has compiled an authoritative, comprehensive guide to the role of finance in meeting the next millennium's challenges.

  1. Leading Coporate Change
    • Challenges for the CFO
    • Raising the Bar on World-class Finance
    • Your Pivotal Role in the Business
    • CFO's Checklist
  2. In Pursuit of Value
    • Investors Invade the Boardroom
    • It's Cash That Counts!
    • Aiming at Total Shareholders Returns
    • Where Are You in the Value Based Management Lifecycle?
    • Make VBM an Operational Reality
    • The 21st Century Financial Management Model
    • CFO's Checklist
  3. Driving Home Strategy with Performance Measures
    • You Can't Manage What You Can't Measure
    • Benefits of Effective Performance Measurement Systems
    • Identifying the Value Chain
    • Measurement Ideals: Symmetry and Integration
    • Finance's Key Role in Metrics Design and Implementation
    • Performance Measurement or Management?
    • CFO's Checklist
  4. Developing a New Generation of Activity Based Managers
    • Meet the Class of 2000
    • Go beyond Your ABC
    • Time to Graduate: Pass the Value Creation Test
    • Your First Job: Don't Go Jumping off the Board
    • Promotion Ahead: Knocking Down Barriers
    • Getting Ready to Move On
    • CFO's Checklist
  5. Integrating Financial and Business Risk Management
    • A New Look at Risk
    • Focus on Materiality, Not Source
    • Taking Risk with Investors
    • Is Your Business Hungry for Risk?
    • Moving to Integrated Risk Management
    • Best Practice or Best Balance?
    • CFO's Checklist
  6. Re-shaping the Business from a Value Perspective
    • Linking Organization Design to Shareholder Value
    • Streamlining: Peeling to the Core of Value Creation
    • Expanding Value Creation beyond the Core: The Virtual Organization
    • Global Management and the Role of Finance
    • CFO's Checklist
  7. Breaking down Borders Using Shared Services
    • Why Invest in Shared Services?
    • Who's (Really) Doing What? And Where?
    • Building the Business Case
    • Finding Your Way around the Barriers
    • Getting the Most from the New Organization
    • CFO's Checklist
  8. Stepping up Decision Support with Systems Change
    • Six Plus One Steps to Systems Change
    • Know Why New Systems Are Needed
    • Make a Case for the Changes
    • Start Re-engineering Processes
    • Survey the Technology Options
    • Choose between Software Solutions
    • Plan for Implementation and Success
    • Manage Change Throughout
    • CFO's Checklist
  9. Delivering a Vision for Finance
    • Developing Your Vision
    • Confronting Reality
    • Designing a Blueprint for the Future
    • Planning the Change
    • Making It Happen
    • CFO's Checklist
  10. Becoming the Architect of Your Corporation's Future
    • A New Role for CFOs
    • Vectors of Change
    • What Makes a Super CFO?
    • Balancing Your Personal Development
    • Realizing Your Value
    • CFO's Checklist



Reviewed by Roland Buresund

Mediocre **** (4 out of 10)

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Tries to describe the CFO as the missing link that will solve all problems. What do you expect from an accounting company?


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