Clicks, Bricks and Brands

The Marriage of Online and Offline Business

Martin Lindstrom, Don Peppers, Martha Rogers

Publisher: Kogan Page, 2001, 301 pages

ISBN: 0-7494-3490-2

Keywords: Branding, Marketing

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The world's most controversial marriage is currently taking place: The union between offline and online businesses. Will the two survive the marriage?

What direction will traditional retailing take over the next few years? And what roles are e-tailers facing, with low earnings, weak distribution and limited consumer support?

In this, his second groundbreaking book, Martin Lindstrom offers the reader a fascinating insight into the development of clicks-&-mortar businesses. With and intriguing mix of theory, case study, practical advice and hot updates weekly on the DualBookTM website, one of the worlds most respected Internet gurus consolidates his web genius and international marketing experience to bring retailers and companies a clear picture of how to make successful clicks-&-mortar marriages.

Lindstrom's exclusive case studies reveal how leading e-tailers, like and Toys "R" Us, initiated marriages with offline retailers and weathered the conversion to clicks-&-mortar businesses. Conversely, candid exposes about Nokia and Tesco illustrate how these major retailers wooed online e-tailers and made transition from exclusively offline operations to clicks-&-mortar partnerships.

Two of the world's most respected online and marketing gurus, Don Pepper and Martha Rogers, famed for their invention of the term 1-to-1TM marketing, have lent their support to Clicks, Bricks & Brands - a bible for every business-to-consumer company that aims to gain strong market share in the century of clicks-&-mortar business.

  • Chapter 1: The Power Shift
    • The Shopping Evolution
    • Enter the Internet
    • Bricks-&-Mortar Recovery
    • Retailing Evolution: the Fittest Survive
    • Summary
    • Action Points
  • Chapter 2: The Second Round: Comparative Advantages
    • Multichannel Versatility and Consumer Loyalty
    • Operational Cost Comparisons
    • The Human Factor
    • Trust and Goodwill
    • Retailer Options
    • Summary
    • Action Points
  • Chapter 3: Retail's Catch-24/7
    • The Seven Catch-22 Problems
    • Catch-24/7
    • Brand Migration: Be Prepared
    • Consumer Expectation and Service Response
    • Summary
    • Action Points
  • Chapter 4: Trust Me!
    • Trust = Brand
    • Clicks, Bricks and Trust
    • Building Trust
    • Trust Development
    • Building Trust Through Clicks & Mortar Relationships
    • Summary
    • Action Points
  • Chapter 5: Making Clicks-&-Mortar Click
    • Fact: E-tailing Alone is no Gold Mine
    • Clicks, Bricks, Brands and Compatibility
    • What's to be gained in a Clicks-&-Mortar Relationship?
    • Is Clicks-&-Mortar for You?
    • Summary
    • Action Points
  • Chapter 6: Operational Synergy
    • Synergy = Value Gain for Consumers
    • The Channel Strategy
    • Brand Handling
    • Consumer Maintenance
    • The Evolution of a Clicks-&-Mortar Relationship
    • Summary
    • Action Points
  • Chapter 7: M-commerce
    • M-commerce in Operation
    • M-commerce and the Shopping Experience
    • M-branding
    • Consistency — the Vital Ingredient
    • M-tailing
    • Summary
    • Action Points
  • Chapter 8: E-psychology
    • Shopping: An Experience, Not a Job
    • The Buying Cycle
    • Shopping Behaviour
    • The Offline Shopping Environment
    • Online Shopping Environments
    • How to Win Sales and Influence Profit
    • The Real World and the Virtual Consumer
    • The Clicks-&-Mortar Opportunity
    • Summary
    • Action Points
  • Chapter 9: Building eBrands
    • The MSP and the Selling Proposition Evolution
    • Interactivity: The Basis of Future Brand-Building
    • Building a Multichannel Brand
    • Summary
    • Action Points
  • Chapter 10: The Master Key to Globalisation
    • Global is Local
    • The Universal Brand
    • Localisation: the Key to Global Branding
    • The Local Bricks-&-Mortar Role in Global Brand-Building
    • Clicks-&-Mortar Globalisation Stategies
    • Summary
    • Action Points
  • Chapter 11: The CBB Test
    • Product Attributes
    • Consumer Behaviour
    • Product Familiarity
    • Channel Conflict
    • Evaluating Your Brand's CBB Potential
    • The CBB Test
    • Summary
  • Chapter 12: The Websters
    • Learnt Interactivity
    • Websters Online
    • Education: Is it preparing Kids for the Real and Virtual Aspects of Their Lives?
    • Webster Consumers
    • The Webster Personality Profile
    • Clicks-&-Mortars and Webster Consumers
    • The Interactive Shopping Experience
    • Knowledge and Volume
    • Summary
    • Action Points
  • Chapter 13: The Infomediary Revolution
    • From One-to-Many to One-to-One
    • Clicks-&-Mortar and Data Synergy
    • Where are the Clicks-&-Mortar Infomediaries?
    • Summary
    • Action Points
  • Chapter 14: The 10 Critical Success Factors
  • Chapter 15: E-tailing in the Year 2010
    • One to One Marketing
    • The One to One shopping Experience
    • Are we ready for One to One?
  • Index to Case Studies


Clicks, Bricks and Brands

Reviewed by Roland Buresund

Good ******* (7 out of 10)

Last modified: Jan. 31, 2010, 7:21 p.m.

I find this a very good book about brands, and a relief that someone at last sees the traditional industry worthy of attention in this Internet crazy world.


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