Corporate Cultures

The Rites and Rituals of Corporate Life

Terrence E. Deal, Allan A. Kennedy

Publisher: Penguin, 1982, 232 pages

ISBN: 0-14-009138-6

Keywords: Culture

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Successful organizations — from IBM and McDonald's to the Catholic church — rely on a powerful shared culture to achieve results.

The traditional management skills — cost control, financial planning, rational personnel policies — will always be vital, yet it is a company's values that often make the difference between prosperity and ruin. Does the business offer employees heroes fro them to emulate? Do rites and rituals constantly embody what the company stands for? And is there an effective system of communications to ensure that everyone is working together?

Nobody who aims for business excellence can afford to neglect the corporate culture. It must constantly be assessed, strengthened and where necessary, altered. In this pioneering book Deal and Kennecy provide an invaluable introduction to the techniques that today's go-ahead manager will need.

  • Part I: Cultures
    1. Strong Cultures;: The New Old Rule for Business Success
    2. Values: The Core of the Culture
    3. Heroes: The Corporate Right Stuff
    4. Rites and Rituals: Culture in Action
    5. Communications: Working the Cultural Network
  • Part II: Putting Cultures Into Practice
    1. Corporate Tribes: Identifying the Cultures
    2. Diagnosis: Learning to read Cultures
    3. Symbolic Managers: Managing the Culture
    4. Change. Reshaping Cultures
    5. Cultures of the Future: The Atomized Organization


Corporate Cultures

Reviewed by Roland Buresund

Good ******* (7 out of 10)

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A classical text that everyone should read.


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