Corporate Denial

Confronting the world's most damaging business taboo

Will Murray

Publisher: Capstone, 2004, 180 pages

ISBN: 1-84112-611-X

Keywords: Leadership

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Corporate Denial confronts head on everything that anybody who has ever worked in a company goes home and complains about… and helps you to do something about it.

Once in a while someones comes up with a new way of looking at business that blows away preconceptions of how work should be, and demands that we re-evaluate the way we think, feel and behave. Corporate Denial does just that. It allows you to look at the black arts of decision-making, communication and team leadership with fresh eyes.

Corporate Denial is a much-needed antidote to business lethargy. It will help you say the things you have longed to say and talk about the corporate ills you see on a daily basis. It is a must for anyone in business who wants to start making a diference and keep making a difference.

The unique formulation of Corporate Denial gets to grips with the etiquette of inaction that is slowing down even the world's most successful organizations and uncovers the conspiracy of silence amongst business leaders that allows the status quo to survive. Ultimately, you will learn exactly how to lift your company out of Corporate Denial and on to new levels of sustainable, healthy and invigorating success.

  • The Seven Sins of Denial
    Undeniable evidence
  • 1.0 Corporate Stress
    The road to Corporate Denial
  • 2.0 Companies in Denial
    The importance of early diagnosis
  • 3.0 Understanding Effectiveness
    What makes organizations tick?
  • 4.0 Inside Success
    The theory of relative performance
  • 5.0 The Desire to Amaze
    Fine-tuning your aspiration
  • 6.0 Corporate Evolution
    Why some organizations grow up faster and stronger
  • 7.0 Truth and Reconciliation in Business
    How to break with the past and move on
  • 8.0 Relationship Mapping
    How to build amazingly successful relationships
  • Appendix 1 'What Culture?'
  • Appendix 2 Principles of Effective Relationships
  • Appendix 3 Examples of Truth Map Questions
  • Appendix 4 The Contributing Team


Corporate Denial

Reviewed by Roland Buresund

Good ******* (7 out of 10)

Last modified: May 21, 2007, 3 a.m.

When I first saw this book, I thought: not another book about the need for change! But after reading it, I think it is a very important book. Not so much for the exciting new ideas (there are none), but for the compilation of old stuff and the presentation of it in a way that makes you begin to think. Some of the authors conclusions/recommendation you may agree with or not, but if you overlook these, it is in fact a very interesting book.

Truth to tell, it is not a very readable book, but if you manage to read it, I think that you will find it worth the effort.

In short, recommended, but not earth-shattering.


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