Corporate Finance 2nd Ed.

Theory and Practice

Aswath Damodaran

Publisher: Wiley, 2001, 982 pages

ISBN: 0-471-39220-0

Keywords: Finance

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The Second Edition of Damodaran's Corporate Finance asks you to combine theory and data in order to make investment, financing and dividend decisions. But rather than making these decisions in a hypothetical environment, you analyze real data for real companies.

  • Part One: An Introduction To Corporate Finance
    • Chapter 1: Introduction to Corporate Finance
    • Chapter 2: The Objective In Corporate Finance
    • Chapter 3: The Time Value of Money
    • Chapter 4: Understanding Financial Statements
    • Chapter 5: Value and Price: An Introduction
    • Chapter 6: The Basics of Risk
  • Part Two: Investment Analysis
    • Chapter 7: Eliminating Hurdle Rates for Firms
    • Chapter 8: Eliminating Hurdle Rates for Projects
    • Chapter 9: Estimating Earnings and Cash Flows on Projects
    • Chapter 10: Investment Decision Rules
    • Chapter 11: Investment Analysis with Inflation and Exchange Rate Risk
    • Chapter 12: Project Intercations, Side Benefits, and Side Costs
    • Chapter 13: Investments in Noncash Working Capital
    • Chapter 14: Investments in Cash and Marketable Securities
    • Chapter 15: Investment Returns and Corporate Strategy
  • Part Three: The Financing Decision
    • Chapter 16: An Overview of Financing Choices
    • Chapter 17: The Financing Process
    • Chapter 18: The Financing Mix: Tradeofss on Theory
    • Chapter 19: The Optimal Financing Mix
    • Chapter 20: The Financing Mix and Choices
  • Part Four: The Dividend Decision
    • Chapter 21: Dividend Policy
    • Chapter 22: Analyzing Cash Returned to Stockholders
    • Chapter 23: Beyond Cash, Dividends, Spinoffs, and Divestures
  • Part Five: Valuation
    • Chapter 24: Valuation: Principles and Practice
    • Chapter 25: Value Enhancement: Tools and Techniques
    • Chapter 26: Acquisitions And Takeover
  • Part Six: The Link Between Valuation and Corporate Finance Decisions
    • Chapter 27: Option Applications in Corporate Finance
    • Chapter 28: Back to First Principles


Corporate Finance

Reviewed by Roland Buresund

Very Good ******** (8 out of 10)

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Yet another one, but this one is actually worth the bother.


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