Design Thinking and Innovation Metrics

Powerful Tools to Manage Creativity, OKRs, Product, and Business Success

Michael Lewrick

Publisher: Wiley, 2023, 393 pages

ISBN: 978-1-119-98365-1

Keywords: Scaling, Product Management, Strategy, OKR, Creativity

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Design Thinking and Innovation Metrics offers an up-to-date and comprehensive collection of powerful tools to manage creativity, OKRs, product, and business success. In this book, Michael Lewrick provides insights into the world of measurements, design thinking, neurodesign and artificial intelligence to drive innovation and future business success. Perfect for innovation teams, managers, and executives in industries of all types. This book also belongs in the libraries of controllers, product owners, and department heads who would like to revise and modernize their system for managing innovation. It complements the Wiley Design Thinking Series with the missing link to measure the hunt for the next market opportunity.

    • Preface
    • Motivation for This Book
    • The Roots of Design Thinking
    • The History of Innovation Metrics
  • Why? How? What?
    • WHY Are Design Thinking & Innovation Metrics Important?
    • A Quick Read to Get Inspired
    • The 101s: Essentials of Design Thinking & Measuring
    • Design Thinking 101
      • The Design Thinking Paradigms
      • Facilitating Workshops
      • Working in Teams
      • Building Capabilities
      • Measuring Impact
      • Design Thinking Toolkit
    • Measuring 101
      • From Observations to real Metrics
      • Defining and Applying Metrics
      • Defining the North Star Metric(s)
      • Working with Exploration Metrics
      • Selecting Exploitation Metrics
      • Measuring Creativity
      • Reflecting Measurements
      • Measuring Toolkit
  • The Future of Design Thinking & Data-Driven Innovation
    • Creating Impact with Advanced Tools
    • Performance Measurements 201
      • OKRs and Beyond
      • The Roots of Measuring Applying OKRs
      • Three Mindshifts Applying OKRs
      • Tips and Tricks for Implementing OKRs
      • Facilitating Performance Objectives
      • OKR Toolkit
    • Data-Driven Innovation 301
      • Design Thinking & Data Analytics
      • Applying the Hybrid Model
      • Design Thinking & Artificial Intelligence
      • Gaining Efficiency in Customer Interactions
      • Design Thinking & Neuroscience
      • Transferring Brain Patterns into Value
    • A Final Word
    • Practitioner Voices


Design Thinking and Innovation Metrics

Reviewed by Roland Buresund

Very Good ******** (8 out of 10)

Last modified: Oct. 11, 2023, 8:26 p.m.

A surprisingly good book about innovation metrics, even if the book sometimes stray into strategic and operational metrics. This makes the book valuable for most executives that struggle with coming up with metrics and understanding them (that is, non-financial metrics, as the financial parts are very rudimentary in the book).

The book also have links to download a number of canvases. Unfortunately they are of a very bad quality, and the author wants you to sign up for additional charges for a decent quality download (the reason why this book isn't worth a excellent rating).

Absolutely worth reading if you are into the subject (and you don't really need to be into Design Thinking to appreciate it).


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