Design Thinking for Business Growth

How to design and scale business models and business ecosystems

Michael Lewrick

Publisher: Wiley, 2022, 345 pages

ISBN: 978-1-119-81515-0

Keywords: Business Development, Strategy, Scaling

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Design Thinking For Business Growth delivers an eye-opening, fresh approach to designing and scaling business models and ecosystems. In this book, Michael Lewrick delivers a comprehensive procedural model for the design, development, and implementation of business ecosystems. He also presents the most critical design methods and tools you'll need to make your own ecosystem a success. Perfect for founders, managers, and executives in industries of all types, Design Thinking for Business Growth also belongs in the libraries of product managers, department heads, and non-profit professionals who wish to better understand how to develop new and innovative ideas that lead to company growth and success. With a topical view of the design paradigm, Design Thinking for Business Growth complements the international bestsellers The Design Thinking Playbook and The Design Thinking Toolbox.

    • Foreword
    • Motivations for This Book
    • Mindshifts
    • Design Thinking for Business Growth
    • Definition of Ecosystems as Growth Lever
    • Exercise: Start Thinking in Ecosystems. Now!
  • Ecosystem Strategy
    • Strategic Options
    • Strategy Documentation
    • Ecosystem Strategy Canvas
    • Where to Play?
    • How to Win and Configure?
    • Ecosystem Leadership
    • New Ways of Working
  • Design Lenses Toolbox
    • Project Phases and Planning Horizons
    • Typical Trajectories of Ecosystem Initiatives
    • Simplified "Problem 2 Growth and Scale" Framework
  • Design Thinking
    • Intro to Design Thinking
    • Key Questions
    • Design Thinking Canvas
    • Tools and Methods
    • Interview for Empathy
  • Lean Start-Up
    • Intro to Lean Start-Up
    • Key Questions
    • Lean Start-Up MVP Canvas
    • Tools and Methods
  • Ecosystem Design
    • Procedural Model Intro
    • Ecosystem Design
    • Key Questions
    • Ecosystem Design Canvas
    • Tools and Methods
  • Scale
    • Intro to Scale
    • Key Questions
    • Exponential Growth and Scale Canvas
    • Tools and Methods
  • Reflections on Design Thinking for Business Growth
  • Examples of Design Thinking for Business Growth
    • Ecosystems and Growth Initiatives Worldwide
      • Tencent
      • WeChat
      • Alibaba
      • Ant Financial
      • Ping An
      • DBS Bank
      • Amazon
      • WeWork
      • YOUR NOW
      • Hubject
      • Green Class
      • Klara
      • Cardossier
  • A Final Word
  • Reflections and Outlook
  • Closing Words