Discover What You're Best At 2nd Ed.

A Complete Career System that Lets You Test Yourself to Discover Your Own True Career Abilities

Linda Gale

Publisher: Simon and Schuster, 1990, 181 pages

ISBN: 0-684-83956-3

Keywords: Personal Development

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Take the test — and find the right career for you.

Join the ranks of the more than half-million people who have discovered their true talents and made successful career choices with Discover What You're Best At. Now this bestselling career guide has been revised for the twenty-first century, including valuable new information on the skills in demand in electronic communications, medical technology, and other high-tech fields.

The book's unique National Career Aptitude System enables you to identify not only your interests but also your innate talents and potential skills, and then to match your career strengths to dozens of the more than 1,100 jobs described in detail.

Discover What You're Best At enables you to set realistic and rewarding career goals based on your abilities. It gives you the edge you need to take on the job market and succeed in your chosen career.

Discover What You're Best At will help you:

  • SAVE MONEY — possibly thousands of dollars — by heading you in the proper career direction before you choose a school or a course of study
  • SAVE TIME — by allowing you to tailor your curriculum to your career objectives, without resorting to trial-and-error course samplings
  • SET REALISTIC GOALS — why be an office administrator when your interpersonal skills make you a natural for sales?
  • LEARN ABOUT NEW AREAS — with more than 1,100 career possibilities listed and described in detail, you could easily discover that you have an interest in and aptitude for an exciting position you never knew existed.

Discover What You're Best At could put you well on your way to success. It's the only career resource you'll ever need.

  • Preface
  • Part I: The National Career Aptitude System
    • Why the NCAS Is for You
    • Your Value System Determines Your Job Satisfaction
    • Do New Technologies Create New Jobs?
    • The Shifting Workplace
    • Aptitude vs. Interests
    • How Will You Benefit?
    • How Does It Work?
    • A Few Words of Caution
    • Tips for Becoming a Skillful Test Taker
    • About the Test Itself
  • Part II: The Tests
    • Business Test:
    • Clerical Test:
    • Logic Test:
    • Mechanical Test:
    • Numerical Test:
    • Social Test:
  • Part III: Scoring
    • Answer Keys
    • What Your Scores Tell You
  • Part IV: Choosing Your Career: The Career Clusters
    • How to Find Your Career Cluster
    • Profit from Your Results
    • The 41 Career Clusters
  • Part V: Learning About Your Career: 1,100 Careers Identified and Explained
    • The Career Directory
  • Part VI:Your Career Quest in Cyberia
    • Ahead of the Times: Then and Now
    • Discover the Net and W3
    • Info Highway Hints
    • Career Sites on the Web
    • What's Next
    • The Face of the Deep
    • Test Forms


Discover What You're Best At

Reviewed by Roland Buresund

Excrement * (1 out of 10)

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This is profiting on people's uncertainties. Frustated housewifes and uncertain students is the target market for this pure trash. Pure profiteering on other people.


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