Dr. Dobb's Toolbook of C

Brady Communications

Publisher: Brady, 1986, 712 pages

ISBN: 0-89303-599-8

Keywords: Programming

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From the pages of the highly respected Dr. Dobb's Journal comes this virtual encyclopedia of information, programs and insights on the powerful C language. As a major propoent of the capabilities of C, Dr. Dobb's presents this compilation of updated and thoroughly revised articles and essays designed to give you a deeper understanding of C and how to utilize it to its fullest.

Here you'll find an enture C compiler with all its support routines. Plus, you'll discover versions of various utility programs such as Grep and a C program cross-referencer. Several previously unpublished programs are included, along with an augmented version of the Small-C compiler with assembler, linker, librarian, I/O library, and a complete set of software tools. It's an invaluable resource you'll turn to again and again for an in-depth appreciation of C.

  1. The C Programming Language
    • Linguistic History of C
    • Type Structure of C
    • Statements and Control Flow
    • Operators and Expressions
    • Structure of Programs
    • C Preprocessor
    • Environmental Considerations
    • Experience with C
    • Conclusions and Future Directions
    • References
  2. Putting C on a Microcomputer: The Original Small-C
  3. C Notebook: Selections from Dr. Dobb's First C Column
    • Part 1: Layout of Code
      • A Possible Solution
    • Part 2: Linker Formats and Runtime Libraries
      • Link Formats
    • Part 3: Memory Models
      • Background
      • Environment Block Address
      • Allocation of Memory
    • Part 4: C Input-Output Functions and Language Philosophy
      • Low Level Input-Output in C
    • Part 5: Scientific Uses
      • GPR: General Purpose Routines
      • How to Use the Integrator
    • Part 6: X: Extended C Grammar
      • Language Extensibility
    • Part 7: Wish List
      • Programming Philosophy
      • Conclusion
  4. How Compilers Work
    • Anatomy of a Compiler
    • Notes
  5. The Small-C Compiler
    • Differences
    • New Features Explained
    • Availability
  6. A New Library for Small-C
    • Library Organization
    • System Functions
    • Conclusion
    • Availability
  7. Small-Mac: An Assembler for Small-C
      • Concepts and Facilities
    • Using Small-Mac Programs
      • MAC: The Small-Mac Assembler
      • Description
      • LNK: Small-Mac Linkage Editor
      • Description
      • LGO: Small-Mac Load-and-Go Loader
      • LIB: Small-Mac Library Manager
      • CMIT: Small-Mac Configuration Utility (Compile Machine Instruction Tables)
      • DREL: Dump Relocatable Object Files
      • Availability
  8. P: A Small-C Preprocessor
    • Features
    • Implementation
    • Installation
  9. Getargs: A Command-Line Argument Processor
    • Getargs()
    • Command-Line Switch Formats
    • Using Getargs()
    • Conclusion
  10. Cross-Reference Generator in C: A Program Conversion Aid
  11. CC: A Driver for Small-C
    • Features
    • Implementation
    • Installation
  12. CP/M BDOS and BIOS Calls for C
    • Installation
  13. Small-Tools: Programs for Text processing
    • The Small-Tools Package
    • Small-Tools Concepts and Facilities
    • Program Descriptions
    • Installation
    • Availability
  14. Grep.c: A Generalized, regular Expression Parser in C
    • Regular Expressions
    • Technical Description
    • Conclusion
  15. Optimizing Strings in C
    • Some Further Thoughts


Dr. Dobb's Toolbook of C

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