Eat or Be Eaten

Jungle Warfare for the Master Corporate Politician

Phil Porter

Publisher: Prentice Hall, 2000, 296 pages

ISBN: 0-7352-0143-9

Keywords: Leadership

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Don't be lunch for a corporate shark.

Today's corporate landscape is a jungle. If you don't know the rules, you'll soon be lunch for the quicker, savvier, more ruthless predator. Eat — or Be Eaten: Jungle Warfare for the Master Corporate Politician is the ultimate survival guide to savage competition in the workplace.

Phil Porter, a battle-seasoned corporate veteran, reveals the survival tactics, surprise strategies, and dirty tricks that corporate fast-trackers use to steak credit, shift blame, set landmines for enemies, dump potential rivals, curry favor with higher-ups, snare raises and promotions, and vault to the top of the org chart.

  • Thwart potential attackers with a combat technique called "Gotcha".
  • Kill threatening initiatives while seeming to champion them.
  • Use a simple method to distance yourself from failures.
  • "Just say no" to your boss — and get away with it.
  • Remove obstacles in your career path by "eating the elephant one bite at a time".
  • Reorganize unwanted subordinates out of their jobs.

Eye-opening, fast-reading, and occasionally chilling, Eat — or Be Eaten is your no-holds barred guide to surviving and prospering in even the most fiercely cutthroat corporate jungles. The tactics of close-quarters combat enable you to play ruthlessly — and play to win!

  • Introduction: It's a Jungle in Here
  1. The First Law of the Jungle
  2. The Art of Jungle Warfare
  3. Stalking Your Prey
  4. Strategies for the Hunt
  5. Getting the Wolves off Your Scent
  6. Be a Scavenger, but Look Like a Hunter
  7. Save Your Hide at Any Cost
  8. Secure a Safe Place on the Food Chain
  9. Keeping the Pack in Line
  10. Getting Your Share of the Feast
  11. Survival of the Fittest
  12. Learn to Spot Traps and Use Them to Your Advantage
  13. Readying the Plan of Attack
  14. Keep Your Eyes on the Target
  15. Drive the Weak into Extinction
  • In Conclusion


Eat or Be Eaten

Reviewed by Roland Buresund

Very Good ******** (8 out of 10)

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The first practical book about political warfare in a corporate setting. An absolute must read if you want a career.


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