Sustaining Value in the New Corporation

Cedric Read, Donniel Schulman, Jacky Ross, James Bramante, John Dunleavy

Publisher: Wiley, 2001, 372 pages

ISBN: 0-471-49642-1

Keywords: Finance, Management

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Important and groundbreaking financial strategy

Recognizing that traditional accounting and financial conventions may no longer provide the CFO with adequate armory to face the challenges of the electronic environment, eCFO takes a bold step forward to examine how modern CFOs must reposition themselves to operate effectively in this new era. Picking up where CFO: Architect of the Corporation's Future left off, this progressive new book provides new models and techniques to help corporations prosper in the twenty-first century. Featuring interviews at the start of each chapter from some of the world's leading CFOs — including Clayton Daly from Procter & Gamble, Tom Meredith from Dell Computers, and John Coombe from Glaxo Wellcome — eCFO draws on their experience to address the key issues they face in the new business environment.

  1. Finance in the e-Business World
    • New Opportunities for Value Creation
    • Understanding Webonomics
    • Applying Old-World Disciplines in the New Corporation
    • How Is e-Business Reshaping the Finance Function?
    • The eCFO's Agenda
    • eCFO Checklist
  2. Designing New Business Models for Value Creation
    • The Drivers of Change
    • What Can Established Businesses Learn from Internet Start-ups?
    • Using the Web to Protect and Enhance Revenues
    • Exploiting e-Markets
    • Optimizing the Supply Chain through e-Collaboration
    • The Business Case for B2E
    • Managing Your Portfolio of Business Models
    • eCFO Checklist
  3. Optimizing Shareholder Value: From EVA to e-Metrics
    • The Seven Value Drivers Revisited
    • Critical Valuation Challenges
    • Webonomics: e-Business Meets Shareholder Value
    • The e-Marketplace
    • e-Business: the Dynamics of Value Creation
    • Building a Balanced e-Business Scorecard
    • Keep Your Eye on the Prize
    • eCFO Checklist
  4. Growing Intangibles: From Valuation to Maximization
    • Why Are Intangibles So Important?
    • Enhancing Customer Value
    • Focusing on Brand Equity
    • Assessing and Managing the Value of R&D
    • Leveraging Intellectual Property
    • Valuing Reputation
    • Nurturing Human Capital
    • Intangible Assets: A Moving Target
    • eCFO Checklist
  5. Allo-traction: From Resource Allocation to Resource Attraction
    • Why Change Resource Management?
    • Resource Allocation: Today's Best Practices
    • The Shift to Resource Attraction
    • Preinvestment Appraisal
    • Investment Appraisal
    • Implementation
    • Postimplementation
    • Implications for the Finance Function
    • eCFO Checklist
  6. Blowing Up the Budget
    • What's Wrong with Budgets?
    • Making the Case for Change
    • Choosing among Options
    • Developing Metrics for Line of Sight
    • Focusing on Forecasting
    • When Strategy Meets Operations
    • Tools of the Trade
    • eCFO Checklist
  7. Delivering a New Systems Vision
    • Accelerating beyond ERP
    • Your New Systems Vision
    • e-Business Software: Selection and Implementation
    • Boosting Business Intelligence
    • Investing in the Integration Framework
    • Creating a CFO Portal
    • eCFO Checklist
  8. Overhauling Your Cost Base
    • The Anatomy of Costs
    • Assessment Phase: Weeks 1 to 6
    • Design Phase: Weeks 7 to 14
    • Implementation Phase: Week 15 Onward
    • Fostering Innovation and Growth
    • eCFO Checklist
  9. Unlocking Value from Acquisitions and Alliances
    • Mapping New Relationship Models
    • Getting It Wrong: Some Major Pitfalls
    • Value-Enhancing Deals: Six Critical Success Factors
    • Getting It Right: Emerging Best Practices
    • Valuing Cultural Fit
    • Assigning Finance's Involvement in M&A Activities
    • eCFO Checklist
  10. Reinventing the Corporate Center
    • The CFO's Challenge
    • Warning: Centers Can Seriously Damage Your Wealth
    • Corporate Centers Creating Value
    • Value Propositions: the Real Work of the Corporate Center
    • Running Your Corporate Center at the Speed of e
    • Transforming Your Corporate Center
    • Remaining Vigilant: Measuring Center Performance
    • eCFO Checklist
  11. B2F: The Virtual Finance Function
    • Framing the B2F Agenda
    • Transaction Processing: Web-Enabled Shared Services
    • Transaction Processing: Business Outsourcing
    • Working Capital-less
    • The Virtual Treasury
    • Online Decision Support: i-Analytics
    • So How Do You Make This Journey toward Virtuality?
    • eCFO Checklist



Reviewed by Roland Buresund

Good ******* (7 out of 10)

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About the future of the CFOs. Interesting.


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