Emotionomics 2nd Ed.

Leveraging Emotions for Business Success

Dan Hill

Publisher: Kogan Page, 2011, 264 pages

ISBN: 978-0-7494-6189-8

Keywords: Branding, Product Marketing, Marketing

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For far too long, emotions have been ignored in favour of rationality and efficiency, but scientific breakthroughs have revealed that people are primarily emotional decision-makers. Many companies, though, have not yet accepted that fact, much less acted on it.

Emotionomics — listed by Advertising Age as one of the ten books you should read — will help you to understand emotions in terms of business opportunities. In today s highly competitive marketplace where many products look alike, it is the emotional benefit of a product that can make the difference. Dan Hill's book draws on insights gathered through facial coding, the best viable means of measuring and managing the emotional response of customers and employees, to help you leverage emotions for business success in terms of branding, product design, advertising, sales, customers satisfaction, leadership and employee engagement.

Emotions matter, and Emotionomics will help you to step closer to customers and employees, while also stepping ahead of your competitors.

  • Introduction
  1. Why emotions matter
    • Overview
    • Science: the meaning of a three-part brain
    • Origins and scope: why and how facial coding works
    • Deliverables: facial coding in practice
  2. Branding
    • Overview
    • Reflected beliefs: keep consumers' values in view
    • Belonging: where status and security meet
    • Telling a story: selling familiarity and comfort
    • Conclusion
  3. Offer design, packaging and usability
    • Overview
    • Winning superiority: nurturing a 'wow'
    • Sensory pay-off: the way to the heart
    • Functional fulfilment: joy, not frustration
    • Conclusion
  4. Advertising
    • Overview
    • Being absorbing: what stopping power entails
    • The invisible line: why knowing the target market matters
    • Reassurance: defusing scepticism
    • Conclusion
  5. Sales
    • Overview
    • Commitment: adopting a relationship model
    • Unity: staying in step with the prospect
    • Interwoven rewards: creating a 'we' mentality
    • Conclusion
  6. Retail and service
    • Overview
    • Respectfulness: enabling efficiency
    • Engagement: bringing back delight
    • Reassurance: proving oneself right
    • Conclusion
  7. Workplace
    • Overview
    • Compatibility: why character matters
    • Cohesive culture: bringing everyone along
    • Trust: avoid disconnects
    • Conclusion
  • Afterword



Reviewed by Roland Buresund

Very Good ******** (8 out of 10)

Last modified: Sept. 17, 2013, 11:12 p.m.

A very good book that discusses the emotional aspects that meets us in the workplace, with an emphasis on Marketing, and how facial analysis can reveal "real" feelings towards different subjects.

If you're into marketing or branding, you should definitely read this.


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