Engineering DevOps

From Chaos to Continuous Improvement... and Beyond

Marc Hornbeek

Publisher: Book Baby, 2019, 368 pages

ISBN: 978-1-54398-961-8

Keywords: DevOps

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Marc's DevOps Seven-Step Transformation Engineering Blueprint, Nine Pillars of DevOps, DevOps Engineering Blueprints and a unique collection of "Recommended Engineering Practices" are prescriptive tools that any organization can use to plan, realize, operate and expand DevOps implementations.

  • Part I: What Is Engineering DevOps and Why Is It Important?
    1. What is Engineering DevOps?
    2. Nine Pillars of DevOps
    3. Why Is Engineering DevOps Important?
  • Part II: Engineering People, Processes and Technologies for DevOps
    1. How Should DevOps Be Engineered for People?
    2. Value-Stream Management (VSM)
    3. Application Release Automation (ARA)
    4. Version Management
    5. Continuous Security (a.k.a. DevSecOps)
    6. Service Catalog Facilitate DevOps Engineering
    7. DevOps Governance Engineering
    8. Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)
    9. DevOps Disaster Mitigation and Recovery
  • Part III: Engineering Applications, Pipelines, and Infrastructures for DevOps
    1. DevOps Applications Engineering
    2. CI/CD Pipelines Engineering
    3. DevOps Elastic Infrastructure Engineering
    4. Continuous Test Engineering
    5. Continuous Monitoring Engineering
    6. Continuous Delivery and Deployment Engineering
  • Part IV: DevOps Seven-Step Transformation Engineering Blueprint
    1. DevOps Seven-Step Transformation Engineering Blueprint
    2. Step One: Visioning
    3. Step Two: Alignment
    4. Step Three: Assessment
    5. Step Four: Solution Engineering
    6. Step Five: Realization
    7. Step Six: Operationalize
    8. Step Seven: Expansion
    9. Future of Engineering DevOps — Beyond Continuous Improvement
  • Part V: Appendix and References
    1. Definition of DevOps Engineering Teams
    2. DevOps Transformation Application Scorecard
    3. DevOps Vision Meeting
    4. DevOps Transformation Goals Scorecard
    5. DevOps Transformation Alignment Meeting
    6. DevOps Transformation Practices Topics Scorecard
    7. DevOps Assessment Discovery Survey
    8. DevOps Transformation Practices Maturity Assessment Workshop
    9. DevOps Current State Value-Stream Mapping Workshop
    10. DevOps Solution Requirements Alignment Matrix
    11. Value-Stream Map Template
    12. DevOps Tools and Comparison Charts
    13. Engineering DevOps Transformation RoadMap Template
    14. Engineering DevOps Transformation Backlog Template
    15. Engineering DevOps Transformation ROI Calculator
    16. DevOps Transformation Solution Recommendation Meeting
    17. NetDevOps Blueprint