ERP: Making it Happen

The Implementers' Guide to Success with Enterprise Resource Planning

Thomas F. Wallace, Michael H. Kremzar

Publisher: Wiley, 2001, 372 pages

ISBN: 0-471-39201-4

Keywords: Enterprise Resource Planning

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Follow the "Proven Path" to successful implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning.

Effective forecasting, planning, and scheduling is fundamental to productivity — and ERP is a fundamental way to achieve it. Properly implementing ERP will give you a competitive advantage and help you run your business more effectively, efficiently, and responsively. This guide is structured to support all the people involved in ERP implementation — from the CEO and others in the executive suite to the people doing the detailed implementation work in sales, marketing, manufacturing, purchasing, logistics, finance, and elsewhere.

This book is not primarily about computers and software. Rather, its focus is on people — and how to provide them with superior decision-making processes for customer order fulfillment, supply chain management, financial planning, e-commerce, asset management, and more. This comprehensive guide can be used as a selective reference for those, like top management, who need only specific pieces of information, or as a virtual checklist for those who can use detailed guidance every shep of the way.

  • Part I — Introduction
    • Chapter 1 Enterprise Resource Planning
    • Chapter 2 The Implementation Challenge
  • Part II — Company-Wide Implementation
    • Chapter 3 Company-Wide Implementation — Overview
    • Chapter 4 Software
    • Chapter 5 Getting Ready
    • Chapter 6 Project Launch
    • Chapter 7 Initial Education
    • Chapter 8 Sales & Operations Planning
    • Chapter 9 Process Definition
    • Chapter 10 Data Integrity
    • Chapter 11 Going on the Air — Basic ERP (Phase I)
    • Chapter 12 Going on the Air — Supply Chain Integration (Phase II)
  • Part III — Quick-Slice Implementation
    • Chapter 13 Quick-Slice ERp — Overview
    • Chapter 14 Quick-Slice ERP — Implementation
  • Part IV — Beyond ERP Implementation
    • Chapter 15 Operating ERP
    • Chapter 16 The Strategic Future (Phase III)
    • Appendix A The Fundamentals of Enterprise Resource Planning
    • Appendix B Plant Floor Organization Formats: Job Shop versus Flow Shop
    • Appendix C Sample Implementation Plan
    • Appendix D ERP Support Resources


ERP: Making it Happen

Reviewed by Roland Buresund

Outstanding ********* (9 out of 10)

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At long last, an ERP book that doesn't get into SAP R/3 (or other software), but concentrates on the business processes neccesary to make it work and how to handle the people that will be affected.

This is what should be read after reading the Concepts book.



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