Get That Job: CVs 2nd Ed.

How to Stand Out From the Crowd

A&C Black

Publisher: A&C Black, 2009, 86 pages

ISBN: 978-1-4081-1195-6

Keywords: Personal Development

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It's never been harder to find the perfect job, and marketing yourself well can be tricky. Take the strain out of job-hunting with Get That Job: CVs, which offers effective, helpful guidance on creating the ultimate marketing tool — your CV.

Packed with information on different types of CVs for every occasion, this book will help you get your foot in the door whether you're looking for your first job or hoping to make a career change. Get That Job: CVs, features:

  • a quiz to assess your strengths and weaknesses
  • step-by-step guidance and action points
  • top tips: ideas to bear in mind for the future
  • common mistakes and advice on how to avoid them
  • summaries of key key points to remember
  • related Web links and further sources of help: the best places to find more information
  • Assess yourself
  1. Identifying your goals and your key skills
  2. Preparing different types of CV
  3. Winning with your CV
  4. Making an impact with your covering letter
  5. Researching the job market
  6. Job-hunting online
  7. Choosing the right first job
  • Example functional CV
  • Example speculative chronological CV
  • Where to find more help


Get That Job: CVs

Reviewed by Roland Buresund

Very Good ******** (8 out of 10)

Last modified: Oct. 11, 2009, 1:05 p.m.

This is an American book, revised into a British book… but it manages to be very good anyway!

A very good first book to read when you intend to search for a new job, regardless of if you're laid off or just looking for new pastures. And it manages this in a very small format, so you don't have to read thru 60 self-assessment surveys to get to the meat of the book: how to write a CV.

I really like it and recommend it as a first CV book.


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