Guide to Business Planning

Graham Friend, Stefan Zehle

Publisher: The Economist, 2004, 281 pages

ISBN: 1-86197-474-4

Keywords: Business Plan

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To get any new business idea off the ground you must have a plan-or develop and better manage an existing business you must have a plan — and if you need to raise finance to fund the business or get the approval of senior management, it must be a convincing plan. This comprehensive guide covers every aspect of preparing and using a business plan:

  • tools for analysing the market, customers, competitors, and the business environment
  • techniques for examining and choosing between alternative strategic options
  • how to use the business planning model that accompanies this book to prepare financial forecasts
  • how to analyse and mitigate risk
  • how to identify the business's financing needs and select the appropriate type of finance
  • how to use the book's business plan document template to write your own plan.

In addition to containing everything you need to know to prepare and write a convincing and sound business plan and then put it into practice, the Guide to Business Planning will be invaluable to anyone involved in any form of strategic analysis or business planning.

  1. Introduction
  2. The business plan
  3. The business planning process
  4. Strategic planning
  5. Analysing the environment
  6. Analysing the firm
  7. Industry and competitor analysis
  8. Product and portfolio analysis
  9. SWOT analysis
  10. Generating strategic options
  11. Market analysis and strategy
  12. Market forecasting
  13. The operational plan
  14. Modelling the business
  15. Accounting principles
  16. Completing the financial statements
  17. Reviewing the financial statements
  18. Evaluating strategic options
  19. Funding issues
  20. Risk analysis
  21. Presenting the business plan and obtaining approval
  22. Implementing the business plan


Guide to Business Planning

Reviewed by Roland Buresund

Excellent ********** (10 out of 10)

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Sometimes you get your hands on a gem. This is one of these gems!

It makes an excellent business planning book, but can equally be used as a min-MBA or a book on how to analyse companies.

It has a given place in my bookshelf. Highly recommended!


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