How to Establish a Unique Brand in the Consulting Profession

Powerful Techniques for the Successful Practitioner

Alan Weiss

Publisher: Wiley, 2002, 210 pages

ISBN: 978-0-470-43394-2

Keywords: Consulting

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To become a top consultant you should constantly search for better ways to attract customers, develop word-of-mouth about your expertise, and create the "gravity" that draws others to your firm. How to Establish a Unique Brand in the Consulting Profession — the second book in The Ultimate Consultant Series — is another important item to add to your career development toolbox to build a future as an outstanding consultant.

  • Chapter 1: A Brand by Any Other Name
    Why Consultants Desperately Need Brands to Thrive (Survival Isn't Enough)
    • Marque My Words: Perception Is Reality
    • Real World Lessons
    • Positioning a Brand so that the Brand Positions You
    • Why Consultants Need to Get Their Hands Dirty in the Branding Business
    • The Payoff of a Strong Brand in Consulting
    • The Ultimate Secret of Branding
    • Brand New Lessons
  • Chapter 2: You Don't Start at the Beginning
    You Have the Makings of a Brand at Hand
    • Identifying the Ingredients of Your Brands
    • Recipe: Finding the Right Raw Materials and Mixtures
    • Magnifying Your Existing Repute
    • Re-Energizing Your Brand for Maximum Impact
    • Five Ways to Ensure Brand Freshness
    • The Critical Case for Strategic Branding
    • Brand New Lessons
  • Chapter 3: The Gravity of Brands: Creating Irrestible Attraction
    Using Brands to Draw Buyers to You
    • The Elements That Create Gravitational Attraction
    • Brand New Lessons
  • Chapter 4: How to Write a Book, Even If You've Never Written Your Mother
    The Best Branding Technique of Them All
    • Early Preparation Is Better Than the Best Editor
    • Creating and Selling a Brilliant Proposal
    • Writing a Book and Living to Tell About It
    • Marketing Your Book Because the Publisher Really Won't
    • Some Other Very Important Issues
    • Brand New Lessons
  • Chaper 5: How to Conquer the Lecture Circuit
    Using the Platform to Raise Your Brand
    • Why Professional Speaking Is Brand-Effective (the "Reach" of the Speech)
    • Preparing Your Message: Insider Tips on Outstanding Speaking
    • The Elements of a Powerful Delivery
    • Turbo-Marketing: Your Speaking Efforts
    • The Magic of Setting High Fees (the Good Stuff)
    • Exploiting Success
    • Brand New Lessons
  • Chapter 6: The Twelve Myths of 21st Century Branding
    I Didn't Walk in Here and I'm Not Leaving
    • The Myths
    • Brand New Lessons
  • Chapter 7: Publicizing Your Brand Within Your "Environment"
    Expanding Fifteen Minutes of Fame into a Month of Sundays
    • Understanding the Brand Environment
    • Creating the New Environment
    • Ten Guidelines for Influencing the Environment
    • Twenty-Five Ways to Foster Publicity in Any Environment
    • Brand New Lessons
  • Chapter 8: Creating Products to Boost Your Brand
    The Wonderful Combination of Passive Income and Active Promotion
    • The Ironclad Case for Products in the Consulting Profession
    • Alan's Favorite Methods to Boost Your Brand
    • Brand New Lessons
  • Chapter 9: Where Are We Heading and How Do We Capitalize?
    A Dozen Trends That Close the Case for Branding
    • The Trends
    • Brand New Lessons
  • Chapter 10: Leapfrogging
    How to Take Your Brands and Your Plans to New Heights
    • Multiple Brands
    • Abandoning Brands
    • Protecting your Brands: The Principle of Adaptive Uniqueness
    • Keeping Brands Revitalized
    • Final Thoughts
    • Action Checklist


How to Establish a Unique Brand in the Consulting Profession

Reviewed by Roland Buresund

Mediocre **** (4 out of 10)

Last modified: May 21, 2010, 6:12 p.m.

Sigh. This shows that a successful author feels he can sell anything to an unsuspecting audience.

This is for consultants that only knows the word branding, and thinks they can be made to understand it in a few pages. In other words, for people that don't know the subject at all and probably never will…

If you want a good book on the basics of branding, this is absolutely not the book.


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