How to Succeed with Continuous Improvement

A Primer for Becoming the Best in the World

Joakim Ahlström

Publisher: McGraw-Hill, 2015, 107 pages

ISBN: 978-0-07-183523-7

Keywords: Operations

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Comprehensive, detailed, and easy to read and understand, How to Succeed with Continuous Improvement takes you through a real-life case study of one organization's journey to a world-class continuous improvement process.

Joakim Ahlström — one of the world's most respected continuous improvement experts — serves as your coach. He takes you through the entire process ste-by-step, all the way through generating remarkable business results with his unique methods.

In each chapter, Ahlström describes a specific stage of the transformation story and provides a clear analysis of each one to help you apply his methods in your own company. In no time you'll grasp all the concepts you need to know. How to Succeed with Continuous Improvement covers it all, including:

  • How to shift mindsets and behaviors using the often neglected practice of coaching
  • Common pitfalls to help you plan out how you will apply the principles and practices
  • Using "six-legged spiders" and "fishy" diagrams to achieve measurable results
  • Ways to avoid "Watermelon" key performance indicators that often mask the truth

Ahlström explains the rationale behind all the methods in the book — the results they produce, and why — and offers practical advice on how to get full input from everyone involved. Ahlström concludes the book with a chapter offering a current-state analysis tool and a simple template to apply in your company.

If you're seeking to design and launch a continuous improvement program, How to Succeed with Continuous Improvement is the first book you should turn to — and it's the last one you'll ever need!

  • The Problems and How Everything Started
  • Analysis of the Problem
  • The Activities That Started the Improvement Work
  • Analysis of the Activities
  • Results and Success Factors
  • Analysis of the Results
  • Successful Improvement Leadership
  • Analysis of the Leadership
  • Spreading The Continuous Improvement Culture
  • Analysis of Spreading the Culture
  • Starting Your Journey Toward Being the Best on the World (Practical Section)
  • Current State Analysis of Your Improvement Work
  • Sustaining the Continuous Improvement Culture and the Five Cultural Pitfalls Preventing You from Succeeding
  • Epilogue