Innovation Management 3rd Ed.

Effective Strategy & Implementation

Keith Goffin, Rick Mitchell

Publisher: MacMillan, 2017, 413 pages

ISBN: 978-1-137-37343-4

Keywords: Creativity

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Innovation management is one of the most important and challenging aspects of modern business. Innovation can be a fundamental driver of competitiveness, but it can also be risky and create uncertainty. In the new edition of this leading text, the authors continue to blend successfully their industry experience with extensive academic research to provide a concise and practical approach to developing and implementing strategies. The tools they describe can be used to improve performance in both service and manufacturing companies, and the text is an excellent practical resource for students and managers alike. Building on the success of the previous edition, this new edition offers:

  • 86 international case studies that illustrate both the theory and practice of managing innovation and range from the service to the manufacturing and from the public to not-for-profit sectors
  • New video feature featuring high-profile business managers from around the world
  • Well-known and authoritative author team with a wealth of industry experience, who bring a unique authority and insight into innovation management
  • Highly readable with a great mix of theory, case studies, frameworks and toolkit ensuring the content is both relevant and applied
  • Critical reflections throughout on all aspects of innovation management combined with practical 'Management Recommendations' — making it a textbook that is highly relevant to managers.
  • A comprehensive website with answers to questions in the book, the videos, and extensive lecturer resources
  1. Understanding Innovation and Innovation Management
    • Introduction
    • Understanding Innovation
    • Understanding Innovation Management
    • The Innovation Pentathlon Framework
    • The Structure of this Book
  2. Innovation in Context
    • Introduction
    • Economics and Innovation
    • Drivers of Innovation
    • Industry Evolution
    • Market Evolution
    • Diffusion of Innovations
    • Open Innovation
    • Business Model Innovation
  3. Service Innovation
    • Introduction
    • Services and the Economy
    • Generic Characteristics of Services
    • Characteristics by Sector
    • Services and the Pentathlon Framework
  4. Developing an Innovation Strategy
    • Introduction
    • Tools for Strategic Analysis
    • Innovation Strategy and Customer Satisfaction
    • Value Innovation and Blue Ocean Strategy
    • Disruptive Technologies and Business Models
    • Strategy and Open Innovation
    • The Success Trap
  5. Generating Innovative Ideas
    • Introduction
    • Managing the Fuzzy Front End
    • Stimulating Creativity
    • Managing Knowledge
    • Generate Customer Insights
    • Protectiong the Value of Ideas
  6. Selecting the Innovation Portfolio
    • Introduction
    • Principles of Portfolio Selection
    • Evaluating Individual Projects
    • Financial Assessment Methods
    • Non-Financial Assessment Methods
    • Balancing the Portfolio
    • Managing Processes
  7. Implementing Innovations
    • Introduction
    • Project Management Models
    • Project Management Methods
    • Organization Issues
    • Defining and Delivering Service Products
    • Recognizing and Overcoming Resistance
  8. People, Culture and Organization
    • Introduction
    • Organizational Culture and Innovation
    • People Management and Innovation
    • Team Structure and Innovation
    • Leadership and Innovation
  9. Innovation — Performance and Capability.
    • Introduction
    • Assessing Innovation Performance and Capability
    • Innovation Capability — Making the Change
    • Postscript