Interim Management

The New Career Choice for Senior Managers

Dennis Russell

Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann, 1998, 191 pages

ISBN: 0-7506-3977-6

Keywords: Consulting

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Interim Management provides practical advice on how to succeed as an interim manager.

Using his own first-hand experiences, Dennis Russell has written this practical and essential guide for those interested in interim management as a career choice. From how you tailor your CV and market yourself, to case studies and profiles of thirteen interim managers in action. Russell provides a complete and honest insight into interim management.

Interim managers are most definitely not 'between jobs', but are a new breed of 'portfolio worker'. They are trained, professional, temporary managers, hired by organizations that need to increase their management strengths for a short period.

Unlike consultants, they take on full responsibility for the process and the outcome — they manage and do, rather than analyze and recommend. They become part of the client team.

  • Part One: The World of the Interim Manager
    1. The world about us
      • A reasoned optimism
      • Nature and definition of interim management
      • Rationalizations create both the opportunity and the resource
      • A human solution to a business problem
    2. Is it for me?
      • 'Permanent employment' is now a myth
      • What are the options?
      • Family, health, psychological and financial considerations
      • Plan to survive — with contribution from John Webster FCIB, ACIS
    3. You as a business
      • Calculating the risk
      • 'Everything takes twice as long and costs twice as much'
      • Thinking commercial
      • Focusing a CV on a tight niche
      • Making a plan
      • Balancing optimism with caution — with contribution from John Webster FCIB, ACIS
    4. Marketing
      • 'A way of delivering delight to clients'
      • The need for instant performance
      • Competition
      • Choosing a niche where you can excel
    5. Selling — and how to enjoy it!
      • Don't talk to strangers — NETWORK
      • Not hunting but farming
      • Turning FEATURES into BENEFITS
      • Never attend interviews
      • 'Been there, done that, got the stripes'
    6. Pricing for profit
      • You are valuable because you are available, flexible and effective
      • The true cost of employment as a daily rate
      • The '1 per cent' factor
      • Pricing consultancy
      • Beginners' discount
      • Pricing agency v. Direct assignments
    7. Negotiating —and when not to
      • Calculate and know what you need
      • Choosing a RANGE
      • Agency v. Direct negotiation
      • Avoid haggling
    8. The interim agency — from the inside
      • What do agencies do?
      • Criteria for entry
      • Stick with members of ATIES
      • Registration and your niche position
      • Database structure and search methods
      • CV updating
      • Know your value
    9. Interim managers — some self-portraits
      • Hugh Davies
      • Tony Robinson
      • Ron Cockings
      • Peter Perry
      • Nick Morgan
      • John Banner
      • Ben Alexander
      • David Bullock
      • Ian Campbell
      • Roger Naylor
      • Mike Smith
      • Jan Scrine
      • Dawn MacQueen
      • 13 totally different people with successful interim manager careers
    10. Doing the work — the easiest part?
      • Six ways in which interim work differs from employed work
      • Making a success of every assignment
    11. Selling, the very idea
      • A credible, useful, cost-effective resource
      • How employers choose an interim and manage the assignment
    12. Assignment briefs, candidates and outcomes
      • Short studies of real assignment briefs, profiles of the interims selected, summary of outcomes
    13. Future imperfect?
      • A selection of currently visible trends in the economi — and their possible impact on the future for interim managers
  • Part Two: Appendices
    1. The professional touch
      • Suggestions for choosing and using a bank, an accountant, a pension adviser, an insurance broker, a solicitor
    2. Outplacement — is it worthwhile?
      • What is it?
      • Who pays?
      • How to choose an outplacement service — a 'menu' of services in order of importance — with contributions from John Webster, FCIB, ACIS
    3. Useful contacts and further reading
      • ATIES (the Association of Temporary and Interim Executive Services)
      • Agencies in Holland and the USA
      • Useful reading and contact addresses
    4. Just CVs
      • Elements of a good CV
      • Examples
      • Get it right — and keep it right


Interim Management

Reviewed by Roland Buresund

Disappointing *** (3 out of 10)

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Describes in painstaking detail the interim management business.

Not what you really do, or how, but how the industry works and some simplistic advice in how to sell.


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