Managing Projects with Make 2nd Ed.

Andrew Oram, Stephen L. Talbott

Publisher: O'Reilly, 1988, 77 pages

ISBN: 0-937175-04-8

Keywords: Programming

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make is one of UNIX's greatest contribution to software development, and this book is without question the clearest description of make ever written.

Even the smallest software project typically involves a number of files that depend upon each other in various ways. If you modify one or more source files, you must re-link the program after re-compiling some, but not necessarily all, of the sources.

make greatly simplifies this process. By recording the specific relationship between a set of files, make can automatically perform all updating tasks.

Topics covered include:

  • Writing a simple makefile
  • Shell variable
  • Internal macros
  • Suffix rules
  • Special description file targets
  • Maintaining libraries
  • Invoking make recursively

This handbook covers the augmented version of make shipped with System V. It is also useful with older versions of make.

  1. How to Write a Simple Makefile
    • The Description File
    • Invoking make
    • More about Dependency Lines
    • Commands
  2. Macros
    • Shell Variables
    • Internal Macros
  3. Suffix Rules
    • How Suffix Rules Work
    • Types of Suffix Rules
    • Writing Your Own Suffix Rules
  4. Command-line Usage and Special Targets
    • The Command Line
    • Trouble-shooting
  5. Out-of-the-way Topics
    • More About Macros
    • Maintaining Libraries
    • Recursive invocation of make
  1. Quick-reference
  2. Sample Default Macros, Suffixes, and Rules
  3. A Large Description File


Managing Projects with Make

Reviewed by Roland Buresund

Decent ****** (6 out of 10)

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This brings back memories… I gave this to my future wife in 1988 (obviously the right way to do it, as the 100 red roses I sent didn't spark much of a reaction).


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