McCormack On Managing

Mark H. McCormack

Publisher: Arrow, 1996, 252 pages

ISBN: 0-09-953661-7

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In McCormack on Managing one of the world's most admired entrepreneurs takes takes readers from the basics to the finer points of managing people, crises and growth. You will learn:

  • Why it's all right to encourage mistakes (but not too many)
  • The five attributes of a leader
  • How to define a core business
  • The signs of a buttoned-up company
  • How to ask questions that make performance reviews matter
  • What's wrong (and right) about organization charts
  • How to manage creative people (they are different, but only slightly)
  • Simple methods to make meetings effective

This is one of a series of business books in which Mark McCormack, drawing on his personal experience and extraordinary success, focuses on key disciplines and shares his philosophy in the candid, anecdote-rich style that has made him an international bestseller.

  • Introduction: There Are No Buzzwords here
  • Chapter 1: How Anyone Can Manage Me
  • Chapter 2: The Tools at Your Disposal
  • Chapter 3:How to Acquire and Maintain Authority
  • Chapter 4:Hiring the Best Talent and Keeping It
  • Chapter 5:Making Smarter Decisions
  • Chapter 6:Making Meetings Matter More
  • Chapter 7:Cutting Costs
  • Chapter 8:Assessing and Rewarding People Fairly
  • Chapter 9: Advanced Techniques
  • Chapter 10:What's Your Managing IQ?


McCormack On Managing

Reviewed by Roland Buresund

Decent ****** (6 out of 10)

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A pretty good book about the commonsense stuff you seldom learn on an MBA course.


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