Mergers and Acquisitions Security

Corporate Restructuring and Security Management

Edward P. Halibozek, Gerald L. Kovacich

Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann, 2005, 250 pages

ISBN: 0-7506-7805-4

Keywords: Information Security, Mergers and Acquisitions

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Mergers and Acquisitions Security focuses on the vital role security plays in helping to make a merger, acquisition or divesture successful. It addresses the fundamental security elements that are required to support corporate objectives. In addition, it provides an integrated "how to" approach to implementing M&A security, complete with methods and processes that can be put in place quickly and cost-effectively. The guidelines discussed are time-tested methods proven to help provide the successful policies, procedures, and results security professionals need in transitioning during any merger, acquisition or divestiture.

  • Includes case studies that highlight the role of the security manager and the overall management of proprietary security organizations and security consultants
  • Cases include best practices as well as illustrations of nightmare examples of what NOT to do
  • Model processes, procedures, checklists, charts and sample forms all serve to ease immediate analysis and implementation in a merger or acquisition

The massive and rapid change that most often accompanies a corporate merger or acquisition comes with increased risk to a company's assets due to increased motive and opportunity for fraud, theft and sale of trade secrets and other company assets. Mergers and Acquisitions Security provides an excellent foundation for security professionals, executive management — who by law are responsible to the company owners for the protection of assets — and other members of a merger or acquisition team.

  • Section I: An Introduction to Mergers and Acquisitions
    • Chapter 1: What Are Mergers and Acquisitions?
      • Introduction
      • Types of Mergers and Acquisitions, and Divestitures
      • Divestitures, Mergers and Acquisitions: Not an Easy Task
      • What Companies Expect to Achieve with Mergers and Acquisitions
      • Why Mergers and Acquisitions Fail
      • Mergers and Acquisitions: A History
      • Focus on Mergers and Acquisitions during the 1990s
      • Public Criticism of Mergers and Acquisitions and Market-Driven Corporate Governance
      • Summary
    • Chapter 2: The Current Global Business Environment: Is It Mergers and Acquisitions Friendly?
      • Introduction
      • The Global Economy and Business Environment
      • Current Economic Environment for Mergers and Acquisitions: Is It Business Friendly? Is It Mergers and Acquisitions Friendly?
      • Mergers and Acquisitions Activity in the Recent Past
      • What Can We Expect in the Near Future?
      • Summary
    • Chapter 3: The Role of Security and the Security Manager in Mergers and Acquisitions
      • Introduction
      • Why Security?
      • The Role of the Security Manager and the Security Organization in Support of Mergers and Acquisitions
      • Security Support: Premerger and Postmerger or Acquisition
      • What Should a Security Manager Be on the Alert for When First Getting Involved in a Merger and Acquisition Effort?
      • Make or Buy: Should a Security Manager Outsource Work to Consultants or Keep All Work In-House?
      • Summary
  • Section II: Premerger and Preacquisition Support
    • Chapter 4: Gathering Information and Producing Competitive Intelligence
      • Introduction
      • Competitive Intelligence
      • Two Types of Competitive Intelligence
      • Target- and Technology-Focused Competitive Intelligence
      • Professionalism and Ethics
      • Summary
    • Chapter 5: Why Premerger and Acquisition Security Support?
      • Introduction
      • Protecting the Effort
      • Should the Existence of a Merger and Acquisition Team Be Acknowledged Within the Company and/or Outside the Company?
      • Information Protection
      • Information Assurance
      • Protecting Information during a Merger and Acquisition Effort
      • Operations Security
      • Protecting Merger and Acquisition Executives and Team Personnel
      • Hostile Takeovers and Proxy Fights
      • Summary
    • Chapter 6: Security's Role in the Due Diligence Assessment
      • Introduction
      • What Is Due Diligence?
      • What Is Security's Role in a Due Diligence Effort?
      • Information Sources
      • Summary
  • Section III: Postmerger and Postacquisition Support
    • Chapter 7: Short-Term Postmerger Security
      • Introduction
      • Integration of the Acquired Company into the Acquiring Company: Why It Is Important to the Enterprise and to the Security Organization
      • Primary Areas of Concern for the Security Manager during the Integration Period
      • Transition into the Long-Term Position and Permanent Organization
      • For Companies Doing Business with the U.S. Government
      • Summary
    • Chapter 8: Long-Term Postmerger Security
      • Introduction
      • Culture
      • Doing Business Differently: Combining Security Organizations
      • Long-Term Reasons to Combine the Security Organizations into a Single Department
      • Outsourcing Security
      • Post Postmerger: What Lessons Were Learned?
      • Summary
    • Chapter 9: Divestitures
      • Introduction
      • Why Does a Company Choose to Divest Any Part of Its Business?
      • Separating the Business Unit
      • What Role Does Security Play in the Divestiture?
      • Security Employees
      • Issues Facing Companies Doing Business in Areas Highly Regulated by the Government
      • Service Level Agreements for Continuation of Support
      • Summary
    • Chapter 10: Mergers, Acquisitions, and Divestitures Summary by Checklist
      • Introduction
      • Premerger and Acquisition Checklist
      • Postmerger and Postacquisitions Checklist
      • Divestiture Checklist
      • Lessons Learned Checklist
      • Some Thoughts about the Future of Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures and Their Impact on Security Managers
      • Summary


Mergers and Acquisitions Security

Reviewed by Roland Buresund

Outstanding ********* (9 out of 10)

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This was a very positive surprise! Well laid-out, well researched, practical and showing an understanding of both the Security perspective as well as the M&A perspective. I am truly impressed.

Of course, it is a little bit boringly written, but considering the subject, you may excuse that.

In conclusion, a very good book that has few equals.


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