Multinational Finance 2nd Ed.

Kirt C. Butler

Publisher: Thomson, 2000, 682 pages

ISBN: 0-324-00450-8

Keywords: International Enterprise, Finance

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MULTINATIONAL FINANCE provides a concise treatment of the investment and financial decisions facing the multinational corporation. The text provides a framework for evaluating the opportunities, costs and risks of multinational operations so readers can see beyond the algebra and terminology to general principles. It is distinguished by its logical organization, superior pedagogy, and clear, non-technical writing style. It includes the traditional international finance topics of foreign exchange, currency and derivatives markets, currency risk (transaction, operating and translation) management, country risk, taxation, capital structure, cost of capital, and international portfolio diversification. It also has chapters on multinational treasury management, options on real assets, corporate governance, asset pricing, and international portfolio management.

  • Part I: Overview and Background
    1. An Introduction to Multinational Finance
    2. World Trade and the International Monetary System
  • Part II: Foreign Exchange and Exchange Rate Determination
    1. The Foreign Exchange and Eurocurrency Markets
    2. The International Parity Conditions
    3. The Nature of Currency Risk
  • Part III: The Multinational Corporation's Investment Decisions
    1. Multinational Corporate Strategy
    2. Cross-Border Capital Budgeting
    3. Taxes and Multinational Corporate Strategy
    4. Country Risk
    5. Real Options and Cross-Border Investment
    6. Corporate Governance and the International Market for Corporate Control
  • Part IV: The Multinational Corporation's Financial Decisions
    1. Multinational Treasury Management
    2. The Rationale for Hedging Currency Risk
    3. Transaction Exposure to Currency Risk
    4. Operating Exposure to Currency Risk
    5. Translating Exposure to Currency Risk
    6. Multinational Capital Structure and Cost of Capital
  • Part V: Derivative Securities for Currency Risk Management
    1. Currency Futures and Futures Markets
    2. Currency Options and Options Markets
    3. Currency Swaps and Swaps Markets
  • Part VI: International Capital Markets and Portfolio Investment
    1. A Tour of the World's Capital Markets
    2. International Portfolio Diversification
    3. International Asset Pricing
    4. Managing an International Investment Portfolio


Multinational Finance

Reviewed by Roland Buresund

OK ***** (5 out of 10)

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A finance introduction book. I have a hard part understanding what makes it more Multinational than other texts?

It's an OK book, but nothing to get excited about…


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