NLP for Managers

How to Achieve Excellence at Work

Harry Alder

Publisher: Piatkus, 1996, 227 pages

ISBN: 0-7499-1643-5

Keywords: Personal Development

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Harry Alder explains how you can greatly enhance your leadership skills and business acumen using practical NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) techniques. They can be used in the areas of goal-setting, selling and negotiations, problem solving, career advancement, professional creativity, public speaking, relationships and team building, learning and long-term memory, visual skills and communication.

NLP For Managers shows you how to master the NLP way of thinking

  • It will enable you to reproduce excellence in any skill you choose
  • NLP can be used in areas of: goal setting; leadership; selling and negotiating; problem solving; career advancement; professional creativity; public speaking; relationships and team building; learning and long-term memory; visual skills, and better communication
  • NLP will give you more flexibility in the way you work and lead to more choices, more influence and greater success in everything you do.

Throughout this inspiring and accessible book there are exercises, case histories and examples. Dr Harry Alder gives you the tools you need to change and improve the way you work.

  • Part One: Background and Principles of NLP
    1. Introduction
    2. Achieving outcomes
    3. Principles and presuppositions
  • Part Two: Achieving Outcomes
    1. The technology of goal achievement
    2. Testing for a well-formed outcome
    3. Creative visualisation
  • Part Three: Understanding Communication
    1. Communicating for results
    2. The magic of rapport
    3. Using your senses
    4. Understanding each other's strategies
    5. Getting language on your side: the Meta Model
  • Part Four: Personal Effectiveness
    1. Changing behaviour
    2. Harnessing feelings and beliefs
    3. Modelling strategies for success
    4. Strategies for success
  • Part Five:  Creative Problem-Solving
    1. Thinking with both sides of your brain
    2. Reframing
    3. Problems and opportunities


NLP for Managers

Reviewed by Roland Buresund

Decent ****** (6 out of 10)

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A good book if you are an NLP believer.


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