Not Invented Here

Cross-Industry Innovation

Ramon Vullings, Marc Heleven

Publisher: BIS, 2015, 224 pages

ISBN: 978-90-6369-379-4

Keywords: Entrepreneurship

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Where can a hospital apply principles from the airline sector?

How can a car manufacturer use tools from the video game industry?

What can an event organiser learn from the railways?

Cross-industry innovation is a clever way to jump-start your innovation efforts by drawing analogies and transferring approaches between contexts, beyond the borders of your own industry, sector, area or domain.

Not invented here refers to the phenomenon of people blocking out ideas from the outside, it also indicates that there are beautiful alternatives everywhere just waiting to be introduced to your context. The potential of ideas and approaches from other areas is tremendous, still only very few organisations apply cross-industry innovation strategies in any kind of structured way. The book Not Invented Here provides you with cross-industry innovation strategies and tools to increase your match sensitivity’ (the ability to make more effective connections) and see the opportunities available to you.

With the chapters The art of questioning, Someone else has solved your problem, Inspiring industries & smart sectors, Your business challenges and many more this book opens up interesting new perspectives and is a significant source of major innovative steps.

This inspirational, illustrated business book presents strategies & tools for cross-industry innovation. It emerged from hundreds of conversations with business leaders and innovators and is packed with ideas, approaches, and cases that you can apply in your own industry.

  • Looking for positive alternatives
  1. Cross-industry innovation
    • Lessons from other sectors
    • Cross-industry innovation in action
    • Going from best to next practices
    • Concept – combine – create
    • What's holding us back?
    • Not invented here? Already done there!
    • Cross-industry innovation readiness check
    • What's your strategy?
  2. The art of questioning
    • The power of questions
    • Beautiful questions
    • Ask (better) questions
    • Ask other companies
    • The art of looking sideways
  3. Someone else has solved your problem
    • It is up for grabs: innovation inspiration
    • Where do you get your best cross-industry ideas?
    • Your galaxy of knowledge
    • Find your curators
    • Use your knowledge network
    • Fading futures
    • The dinosaur list
    • Industries & jobs of the future
    • 3 tips for an innovative web search
    • Google like a pro
  4. Inspiring industries & smart sectors
    • The art of war
    • A fast formula
    • Let your ideas take flight
    • Check, check, double check
    • Fast fashion & futuristic fabrics
    • Go go! Lady Gaga!
    • Shoot for the moon!
    • Business synonyms
  5. WWxD?—What Would x Do?
    • Serious play
    • Radical retail
    • In search of sectors
    • Construct your own crossovers
    • An integrated business (machine)
    • WWxD?
    • Cross-industry transfer map
  6. Your business challenges
    • Boost customer value
    • Grow your business!
    • Become a greener business
    • Cut costs elegantly
    • Supercharge your supply chain
    • Combine for more value
    • Change behaviour
    • Generate more impact
    • 21 ways cross-industry inspiration
  7. The power of the unexpected
    • Heatwave your product
    • Who stole my ads?
    • Burn your business?
    • Become a natural
    • Incubate with car parts
    • Let's go Back to the Future
    • Painting with Microsoft Excel
    • Not-intended waffle iron use
    • Lessons from bad business & strange sectors
    • The perfect prefix
  8. Remix your industry
    • Make shortcuts
    • Challenge the rules
    • Dramatically reduce complexity
    • Combine various types of innovation
    • Remove one (important) element
    • Cut prices by 90% or more
    • Do the opposite
    • Do impossible things
    • Blend business models
    • Navigating business models
    • Welcome to our industry
    • Cross-industry jackpot
  9. Go out(ro)
    • 10 key insights
    • Cross-industry cheat sheet
    • Steal like an artist
    • Cross-industry manifesto
    • Cross-industry super sites
    • Cross-industry innovation tools & services


Not Invented Here

Reviewed by Roland Buresund

Excrement * (1 out of 10)

Last modified: March 31, 2018, 4:06 p.m.

Not invented here! is what the authors should scream when approached about this book. This is pl,atitudes, without substance, any connection to reality and proof what bullshit the Amazon review system produces. The best part of this book is the title, which the book does not live up to (nor the subtitle). The contents are pure crap!

This is a fun book to have in the bookshelf, but it has no utility whatsoever. In fact, if you need this book and believes it gives you any value, let me know so that I can make a concerted effort to avoid any ventures you are involved in.


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