Power and Organization Development

Mobilizing Power to Implement Change

Larry E. Greiner, Virginia Schein

Publisher: Addison-Wesley, 1998, 184 pages

ISBN: 0-201-12185-9

Keywords: Change Management, Organizational Development

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For too long, power and organizational development have been juxtaposed as two opposing and contradictory approaches to management. Power and Organizational Development argues that OD and power can and should be reconciled and integrated in the implementation of change. Power is essential for getting things done in an organization, for implementing ideas, obtaining budget approvals, dealing effectively with other departments, and promoting new policies and procedures. The purpose of this book is two-fold: to provide the reader with a solid grounding in the role of power and politics in organizations, with a specific focus on how managers use power bases and strategies to get things done, and to provide the reader with strategies and intervention techniques for bringing about change in an organization.

    1. Reconciling Power with OD
      • Uneasy coexistence
      • Your Resolution of the Dual Forces
      • Letting Go of the Past
      • Our Purpose
  • Part I: Power and the Practicing Manager
    1. Defining a Political Model of Organizations
      • Power Directions
      • Models of Organizations
      • Organizational Realities
      • Managing Those You Do Not Manage
      • Implications of OD
    2. Developing Power Bases
      • Beyond Position Power
      • Individual Power Bases
      • Departmental Power Bases
      • Dynamics of Departmental Power
      • Implications for OD
    3. Using Power Strategies
      • Managerial Voices
      • Interview Study
      • Strategies for Success
      • Linking Power Bases with Strategies
      • Selecting a Strategy
      • Implications for OD
    4. Deceiving Others Through Power: All That Glitters ….
      • Defining Deception
      • Two Sides of Power
      • Going Undercover
      • High and Low Slack Systems
      • Implications for OD
    5. Personalizing Power
      • The Power Motive
      • The Machiavellian Scale
      • Psychoanalytic Perspective
      • Social Learning in Childhood
      • Power Styles and Flexibility
      • Implications for OD
  • Part II: Integration of Power with Organizational Development
    1. Diagnosing Power
      • Diagnosis as an Art
      • Power Relationship Map
      • Power Dimensions
      • Data-Gathering Methods
      • Summing Up the Data
    2. Mega Corporation Stage I: Consolidating Power to Prepare for Change
      • The Mega Situation
      • The Arrival of Tom Rice
      • Actions by Tom Rice
      • Entry of the Consultant
      • Consultant's Report
      • Power and OD Analysis
    3. Mega Corporation Stage II: Focusing Power on Strategic Consensus
      • Failure of Traditional Strategic Planning
      • An OD Rejoiner
      • Retreat Design
      • The First Retreat
      • Power and OD Analysis
      • Appendix A: Tentative Agenda for Mega Retreat
    4. Mega Corporation Stage III: Aligning Power with Structure and People
      • Organizational Design
      • Second Retreat
      • Third Retreat
      • Power and OD Analysis
      • Appendix B: Agenda for Second Mega Retreat
      • Appendix C: Draft Strategy Statement
      • Appendix D: Agenda for Third Retreat
      • Appendix E: Redrafted and Abbreviated Strategy Statement
      • Appendix F: Letter from Tom Rice on Third Retreat
    5. Mega Corporation Stage IV: Releasing Power Through Leadership and Collaboration
      • Changes in the Company
      • Unleashed Energy
      • Looking Back — Power and OD at Work
      • Politics at the Top
      • Intervention Approaches
    6. Acquiring and Using Power as a Change Agent
      • Types of Consultant Power
      • Substitutes for Power
      • Abuses of Power
      • Being Abused
      • Sense of Self and Situation


Power and Organization Development

Reviewed by Roland Buresund

Very Good ******** (8 out of 10)

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Power meets OD. Greiner and Schein makes an extremely good try to integrate the concepts into one. Closer to reality it is very hard to get. Very much recommended.


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